What is domain ? why it is important for our web ?

You must have heard somewhere in the name of the domain name, which is why it is called Domain Name and why any Domain Name is required for any web-page. If you are thinking of building Blogger or Website / Blog, then it is important that you have information about what is called Domain Name. To reach any website/web-page to the whole world, it is important to have the address so that people can reach it.Which website did not work for which people could not reach. What is Domain Name I'll try to explain you in simple language so that you understand.

Information about web domain

Learn about 'What is Domain Name' ?

Whenever you visit any website on the Internet, the domain name / URL that you access through that Web-page is called Domain Name. Domain Name is the world of internet or any website address that lets you go to that website.Suppose if you want to go to your friend's house and you do not know the address of that house, will you be able to reach that house? No, not exactly the same applies in the internet world too. Therefore, to access any website in the Internet world, the domain name is its address, like my website's Domain Name is onlylearns.com and you can easily access my website by typing Url in Broswer.

After adding two piece, a Domain Name is created ex: onlylearns.com now only the name of my webiste and .com extension in my name is the onlyarn. Together, these two pieces form a unique domain name. Whenever you open the onlylearns.com url in the browser, my own website will open.
 It does not happen that my website has been opened from the same domain name and it will also open facebook, because the domain name is a unique address of all the websites. In the entire website of the Internet, the onlylearn.com  domain name will not be found on any website of my website. What is the domain name so far you have understood well, now you know how it started.

History of Domain Name

Initially, to visit any website, the IP address (ex. was used instead of the domain name. But as the number of websites became increasingly difficult to remember, the increased IP address Suppose you saved 100 mobile numbers with no name in mobile, would you be able to remember which number is the number of those 100 numbers? Therefore, we used the Domain Name to remember the address of the website.
 Now that when we put a domain in a URL browser, the first request is sent to the DNS (Domain Name System), the DNS forwarded the request to the domain name in numerical IP address and forwarded it to the request.

It is difficult for us to remember numerical but the computer understands numerical well. Therefore DNS handles the process of intermediate. When you enter any URL in the browser, the request goes to DNS first and the Domain Name System is forwarded by converting Domain Domain into IP address. Any mangement of the domain can be managed in DNS.

Types of Domains

In the domain, you will also find many types, such as Top-Level Domain, Second-level or Lower-Level Domain and Country code top-level domain, I will give you information about all of these. So let's know if you could choose the right domain.

·  TLD (Top-Level Domain)
·  SLD (Second-level Domain)
·  Subdomain (Lower-Level Domain)
·  ccTLD (Country code top-level domain)

Where to Buy Domain Name

If you want to create a Blog / Website of yourself, then the question will be asked in your mind by buying a Domain Name If I talk to you then GoDaddy is my favorite domain provider website. I have given you the list below, you can take the domain by checking all the websites. i hope now your doubt will have been cleared by the domain name purchased. For the first year you get a little cheaper domain. When next year you renew the domain then you have to pay without a private 699 / -.

·  Godaddy
·  Google
·  Hostgator
·  Namecheap
·  Bigrock

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