5 predictions about HR tech trends in 2020

With every passing day and demands of new generation, technology can be seen developing. Also, with rising competition, customer experience is the biggest winning factor and businesses are continuously looking for new ways to attract more.

HR tech trends

Work environment and management are continuously evolving themselves. Remote working is the new normal in today’s date. Since this pandemic has forced work people to work from their homes, work culture seems to be moulding itself in new shape.
HR departments and business owners need to look for new digital and online solutions to keep up with the upcoming challenges and tech wave ahead in 2020 and ahead.
HR experts need to stay with the latest trend to keep up a good rivalry with the competitors and uphold a good workforce.

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So, what HR tech trends could dominate the year 2020 and near future? Listed below are some of our predictions looking at the conditions and requirements of the first half of 2020:

·         Chatbots for employee experience

The use of chatbot and AI technology is expanding. The HR department is no different. What benefit of an AI-based chatbot can be seen in HRM? Solving employee queries, eliminating repetitive tasks, mundane activities, friction of processes, and save more time & efforts are some major advantages of integrating a chatbot in HRM (Human resource management).
An HR chatbot can help HR folks focus on other productive tasks at management and leave basic employee management on it (chatbot). HR chatbot is the new HR assistant in near future.

·         Self-service be a new normal

The self-service portal allows its employees to track and process their requests through mobile their mobile phones itself. Integrated ESS (employee self-service) portal would prove to be the most helpful asset for an HR during remote workforce management. it makes difficult for employee to reach their HR manager every time while working remotely and so for HR.

Communication gap could rise with no right solutions at base. Whilst, self-service lets the employee check their required data like leaves remaining, upcoming events, reminders, punches, attendance, pay-slips, etc. within seconds without bothering the HR.

·         Transparent employee feedback system

2020 will majorly see transparency through departments and roles like employee and employer. Better relations mean trust. Without trust no organization could run in a proper way. Be it departmental or team. What could be better than a transparent and streamlined appraisal system at your place?
With every contributing parameter and feedbacks bring clear for the employees could better the relations and that’s what you would get to see on the rise by the dawn of 2021. Year 2020 will see more real-time and streamlined employee managing system.

·         Cloud-based HRMsoftware

Lockdown and the need to work from home have almost covered every headline this year. Remote working and manging the remote workforce bring in requirements like cloud-based monitoring system and online payroll software.
Well-designed HR software with integrated tools like timesheet manager, attendance calculator, and payroll software would be the hottest pick for companies in and beyond 2020. Cloud-based HR solutions make remote working easier and HR activities are smoother with every required data at the place.

·         Remote working

The most in-trend thing about the workplace is not actually working at the designated workplace i.e. assigned desk. Yes! I am talking about remote working aka work from home! The on-going pandemic – Coronavirus outbreak has forced every worker to stay home and continue with their activities. Also, with remote working benefits, now it seems to be staying even further.
Remote working/ flexible working is going to rule the world in coming years. Mark this!


Revamp of workplace and working culture is for sure! Be it next month or later, not keeping up with technology trends might push you off track. Business might fail to achieve the required.
Having the right solution to face the change can keep you abide. Leverage the trends explained in this blog at the latest and meet the changing demands and outlook of your HR management and generation Z employees.
With the right planning and acting at the earliest can keep difficulties at bay!
That’s all. Thanks for being here!

Author bio-
Ritik Singh writes about HR software, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic a content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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