10 Effective Hacks to Improve Lead Generation on Your Website

 Rising traffic is only half the battle to increase your company's profitability from your website. No matter what company website it is, it may be Software Development Firm or any other Business website. You can spend months concentrating on magnifying traffic to your website. Still, suppose you do not have an enthralling proposal, implicit calls-to-action, and compelling lead nurturing strategy. In that case, you won't have a procedure to turn that traffic into leads and eventually profits.  

Effective Hacks to Improve Lead Generation on Your Website


Here are significant ways you can increase website conversions, not only to the instant of becoming a lead but to the point of becoming a qualified lead.

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User-friendly site structure and navigation

The critical factor is to have excellent and easy site structure and navigation that can help users locate essential pages on the website quickly. Good site structure and navigation also help in the overall SEO score that helps attract good organic traffic to the website.

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Personalize your Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Vigorous content lets you serve the experience of visiting your website to each unique web visitor. The audience who lands on your site will see images, buttons, and product options that are accurately tailored to their interests, the pages they have observed, or items purchased before.


Researchers conclude that calls-to-action convert 202% more visitors than primary calls-to-action. Doubling influence on your CTAs can notably increase your website leads. Here are some points that need to take care of while improving your CTA.


  • Place CTAs to most relevant pages and also in blog posts
  • Oblige your CTA a hyperlink to the corresponding landing page
  • Be clear about your offering
  • Utilize a color scheme that contrasts with your website
  • Make use of Images rather than only text


Enhanced landing pages

A landing page is a primary lead capture tool that solicits visitors to complete a specific action or set of actions. Redundantly, a landing page focuses on a single promotion. Since landing pages target a single offer, they are the best way to focus your marketing. And when they're adequately modified, they can upgrade search ranking.


Additionally, when people find your landing page in a search, it matches what they're searching for, building trust. All those elements can augment lead generation.

The essential elements of a landing page involve:


  • Headline and Subheadline
  • Social proof
  • Landing page transcript
  • Lead magnet
  • Calls to action


Measure each lead generator's accomplishment

Examine how each of your prevailing lead generators is granting to your business using different tools, which estimates your lead generation sources, including landing pages and CTAs, and then offer feedback on the process to improve your existing content.


You can also equate landing pages that are doing well with landing pages that aren't keeping. Ultimately, you could try handling internal reports and evaluate landing page visits, CTA clicks, and thank-you page allocates to regulate which offers are performing the best and then create more like them.


Evolve a live chat service 

Live chat services are expanding not just in their worldliness, but in how many people expect them when learning about vendors they might want to buy from. To produce leads through live chat, audit your website to see which pages your visitors spend most of their time on.


With the perfect development resources, you can install a live chat tool on the pages where customers need the information. This permits you to indifferently collect and log insight on their product needs while replying to their questions. You can even unite your customer service team with your live chat feature, depending on who initiated the chat and your visitors' questions. This assures every website visitor has their needs addressed no matter where the communication goes.


Include forms to the most popular pages

It's foremost to standard your current state of lead generation before you start to track your success and determine the areas where you most need an upgrade. Some of your pages might make magnificent lead generators, and you don't even appreciate it.


To begin, conduct an audit of where most of your online traffic and exceed comes from. Explore your internal pages such as Email Marketing, Social Media, Live Chat, Blog Posts, where your business might get visitors.


Website URL interlinking

Every landing page should be designed and optimized for good URL interlinking. This is similar to having good site navigation, but in addition to that, inner content should be interlinked to essential pages of the website. This helps Google identifies and locates crucial pages of the website, and thus due recognition is given to those pages. This would aid your keyword-based traffic to the website.


Review and audit Google analytics data

Google analytics data offers good insight on your exit and entry pages. It also provides the right information on how a user navigates through the website. If there are few pages from where users are exiting, those can be the opportunities to review and make significant changes. In addition to this, if a few pages are not receiving any user attention or traffic, you can decide to rewrite or update those pages to attract more user engagement.


Use simple design, soothing color, and fonts.

Color psychology does play a vital role in lead conversion. Vendedigital mentions that Red, Yellow, and Orange are the right colors for CTA text, and one can improve conversion many folds by choosing the right colors. The page content is good to have black, blue, and soothing colors. The choice of font is also a significant and deciding factor whether your visitors' buy-in. 

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Use of right images and media graphics

Images and media say a thousand words and touch visitors' psyche instantly. The right photos, videos, and other infographics can help you connect with the audience quickly. Good graphics can boost up your conversion and adds value to user experience on your website. CTA, Popup forms should have good pictures, fonts, and attractive designs to attract visitors' instant attention.



Brand the building is a continuous process and is about sticking to a customer's mind and psyche for a more extended period. Clutter site navigation, lousy design, no use of CTA, and improper design can drive visitors away from your website. Web development companies give high importance to able ten important hacks that any naïve to implement on the website to boost customer traffic and generate more leads for your business.


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