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Have you any problem in sending heavy files via Email?

You want to send heavy files through email but you are having problems, so let us now tell you about some free services that you can use to send heavy files because today we send files online, but sometimes due to heavy loads, we have problems in sending huge files, so let's tell you how to deal with it today.
We can use cloud storage services to send or share a large file. There is a various company that provides cloud storage services. Some of them are -

Google Drive

First of all, you can use Google Drive when you use Gmail, you can only email up to 25 MB of files through Gmail, but if you use Google Drive with Gmail you can share files up to 10 GB. This makes it easy for you to share a heavy file, Google Drive is absolutely free. To use Google Drive, you will have to create a Google Account, if you have a Gmail account already, there is no problem. 

How to use google drive for free storage.

Because today's time everyone has a Gmail account. After that, login your Gmail account and after clicking on the button on Google Apps go to Google Drive and select it. Then your Google Drive window will open, select my drive from this after which a dropdown will open, click upload files from here and upload your file on Google Drive. When it is uploaded, right click on this file, go to the share option, and by entering the email of that person you want to share with, this file will also be shared with that person, which means that person can access this file by using Google drive. That was the process of Google drive for sending large files.

One Drive

Now talk about One Drive. One Drive provided by Microsoft which is a cloud storage service, where we can store our huge files and share it with anyone and also access them from anywhere. One Drive gives you 5 GB free space, if you want to increase it then you have to buy its plan. You can use One Drive with Microsoft window 8, and window 10 or the latest Microsoft office release from 2013. 

How to use Microsoft one drive for free storage.

Now you will have to go to the desktop App of Microsoft One Drive and sign in to your account otherwise, you can create your account. After the completed setup of your Microsoft Account you can use One Drive and upload own selected file to One Drive and share it with anyone.

iCloud Mail Drop

If you want to use the apple cloud service then you can use the iCloud Mail Drop. iCloud Mail Drop provided by the Apple community which is a cloud storage service. Mail Drop gives you 5 GB free space, which you can use to sending a large or huge file. If we talk about the apple email service, then you can only email up to 20 MB of files through Apple email services. 

How to use Icloud for free storage

You need an iCloud account to use the maildrop service. If you don't have an iCloud account then you can create it by using Apple ID. After that you can use the mail drop service, you can upload their heavy file to mail drop and share it.


The fourth cloud service is Dropbox. Dropbox is a company and Drew Houston is the currently CEO of Dropbox. It was founded in the year 2007 by its CEO Drew Houston. Dropbox also provides cloud storage service as the name of Dropbox online software. You can also download the desktop app of Dropbox-like Skype. Dropbox is free only for a time period of 30 days. To Use Dropbox service, you can create your own Dropbox account on its official website otherwise you can use it with a Google account. Dropbox provides 2 GB of space with a free Dropbox account. If you want to some extra space then you can buy its plans for large space.

Firefox Send

If you don't want to use any of these services from the above then you can also use Firefox send service. Firefox send is a new feature provided by Mozilla that was launched in August 2017. By using Firefox send you can send files up to 1 GB.
The file sent by Firefox Send is encrypted because Mozilla is a name that always comes with privacy and security. So Firefox Send is also the best option for you if you don't want to use other cloud services. Firefox Send is also free for use and also you can use it in any browser like chrome, safari, etc which you use. You can go on the website to use it. The process of Firefox Send for sending the large files is also very easy. So these were the famous cloud storage services which are available as free and also best for use.

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