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TAFCOP Consumer Portal - Check How Many SIM Cards Activate on Your Identity

    The Aadhaar card is one of the most crucial documents in our life, which is used for so many purposes while opening any bank account to having electricity connected and many other things. Sometimes our Aadhaar card may get into the wrong hands, and we can misuse it without our knowledge. If someone used our Aadhaar card to get a SIM card by using it and we want to know about this, then the government of India has launched a portal known as TAFCOP. By using this portal, one may quickly come to know about the number of SIM cards registered by your name and their activation status.


    In this article, we will be providing you with all the necessary and valuable information regarding the TAFCOP portal, which will be very helpful for you all for so many reasons. Thus, you may continue reading the following article.

    What is TAFCOP Portal?

    TAFCOP stands for telecom analytics for fraud management and consumer protection, and this portal was launched by the department of telecommunication in the government of india. With the help of the portal, anyone can easily find out in just simple steps how many SIM cards are registered by their name or with their Aadhaar card. It runs for all mobile users of india to check the number of registered mobile numbers with their name, and their official website is All the telecommunication services provided by this portal are safe and secure, very affordable, and of good quality without any time or distance limitations. By using online our mobile number and id, one can easily track their SIM status online mode. Any consumers can download the TEFCOP portal app on their mobile phone in just a few easy steps and can have all the benefits very quickly.

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    Services of TAFCOP Government Portal

    There are so many services of this portal, such as if there are more than nine connections with the same id of the consumer or the subscriber, then they will be intimated by the SMS. Anyone can easily log in on this portal by using their mobile number and can quickly check the status. On can get request status, ref number, and various other things like ticket ID through this portal.

    How to login into TAFCOP Government Portal

    To login into the TAFCOP government portal, one has to follow a series of steps which are given below:

    • Open or visit the official website of the department of telecommunication portal.
    • After opening it, you will see an option showing login, which you have to click.
    • Now a registration form will appear on the screen of your device, which should be completed by you by filling in all the required details asked of them.
    • After this, you have to visit their main page one more time and then write your user ID and password there.
    • Now complete the captcha.
    • Now you may click on the login button for the login process on this portal.

    Required steps to check online registration connection on TAFCOP services

    1. The very first step is to open the official portal of TAFCOP.
    2. Now check all the details available on the home page of this portal.
    3. Now you have to enter the mobile number on the home page.
    4. Click on the option showing enter or request OTP.
    5. Now you will receive an OTP on your mobile phone, which you have to enter.
    6. You may now quickly check the online connection registration on your device.
    7. After this process, you will get a list of all those numbers which are in your name.

    Benefits or advantages of using the TAFCOP Government Portal

    There is a variety of benefits of using the TAFCOP portal, which is as given below for you:

    • If there are more than nine SIM cards registered with your name, then you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number.
    • To avoid various penalties for having more than nine connection subscribers can take several necessary steps.
    • By providing some exact details, various subscribers can quickly check the status of their connection by using this portal in a few easy steps.

    Various updates on the TAFCOP Government portal

    The main reason for launching the TAFCOP government portal was for fraud management and to protect consumers. Through this portal, one can directly check the number of SIM cards registered with their name in just a few steps and sometimes in the comfort or convenience4 of our place.

    In today's time, this facility or all these services provided by this portal are in so many states of India such as Arunachal Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Tripura, Nagaland, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Mizoram and in some more states. Any consumer can easily use this portal through an online mode without any complications.

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    Wrapping it up

    TAFCON portal is beneficial in so many ways. Through this, anyone can come to know if someone is misusing their identity or using any SIM card with their name. Through this portal, one can keep themselves away from various frauds and keep themselves safe.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is TAFCOP a government portal?

    Yes, TAFCOP is a government portal that was launched by the government of India to protect consumers from a variety of frauds and keep in mind their security.

    How many SIM cards can be linked and used by one Aadhaar card?

    Generally, one can use 9 SIM cards with their name, and if this number exceeds, then they will receive an SMS and have to do further processes required.

    What is the full form of the TAFCOP Government portal?

    The full form of TAFCOP is telecom analytics for fraud management and consumer protection.

    Can we check mobile connections and status by using the TAFCOP portal?

    Yes, through this portal, one can easily check mobile connections and their status very easily.

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