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Motion Graphics Is The Mounting And Prevalent Trend In The Animation Industry

Motion graphics is the emerging technology that is taking over the animation world. In older times, it was hard to create a motion graphic video, it is because of the rare usage of computers which were expensive and complicated. But, today, with the increasing tradition of computers, it becomes stress-free for the designers to develop an outstanding featured motion graphic video. In recent times, this tradition has been adopted by several designers and they are implementing it in the designing world. However, afore digging into the deep discussion about its popularity, it is imperative to know about motion graphics.

Motion Graphics is the mounting and prevalent trend in the animation industry

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Motion graphics is the stamping technology of animation sphere. It absorbs all the other categories used in animation. A motion graphic video may include 2 dimensional video, 3 dimensional, graphics interchange format, and 360 degree
video with the combination of backgrounds, voice overs, and music. It can probably be known as the combination of all the features contained in the animation compass. 
Motion graphics can be implicated in all the elements. It can a text, picture, art and video clip. In motion graphics, there is an alteration of frames that produce motion in the resting object. There are numerous software developed that
contributed to the creation of such videos but the most prominent and efficient software is Adobe after Effects and Action Script.
These videos soon after the launch, became popular in the marketing and filming world. There have been many animation videos that are made through using motion graphics. Following are some of the key elements that have
proven the significance of using motion graphics widely.

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Motion graphics is rising rapidly due to the growing technological advancement in the sector of video animation business that has made the creation of videos easy by developing object’s illusions of movement. So, these videos are
made in a way that it doesn’t change frames but instead make the object move.
Motion graphics contribute to creating an emotional connection with the viewer
There is no question about the striking and attractive feature of these videos. People easily get fascinated to such videos, but the most significant element that makes motion graphic videos standout is the connection it creates with the
person seeing it. It is because of the behavior that a human encompasses. It is because of the fact that whenever there is a visual which is filled with emotions, than that graphical will directly hit to the human senses. Moreover, it is easy to
depict emotional stories through motion graphics as it allows a huge space for the presentation of expressions that communicate to the audience well. This is why, nowadays, motion graphic video animation business is growing constantly.
Motion graphics helps in transferring clear information to the viewers Information transferred through visual is the most effective way of communication. It is then targeted by many organizations to transfer their words through pictures or videos. Out of all the elements that have been used as a visual transferring medium, motion graphics is the most effective medium. It is because of the video creativity that attracts the audience easily and also the addition of elements that creates an emotional connection with the viewing audience.

These features make these videos understandable. This is why people prefer motion graphic videos for their storytelling. Other than storytelling, there are many more domains that use motion graphics for decoding the complex information in simple yet creative visuals. These domains cover tutorials, process explainer videos, visualization of data and the concept description of an abstract.

These videos can be easily presented to the potential audience Social media is playing a significant role in the growth of such content. It is because of the fact that social media platforms are popular and easy accessible for all types of audience. These platforms have segmented the audience which benefited the businesses in order to present their content to the potential audience. Furthermore, these platforms are cost-effective and easy to use, making it more efficient for companies to adopt it into their marketing strategies. Social media has wholeheartedly welcomed such videos and gathered a huge factor of audience making it popular among communities.

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