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Why we should guest posting on other websites?

When we want to increase traffic on our blog or website, then  we can do that promote our blog, create back-links, and share our blog post on social media, etc. So there are many ways to increase traffic on your website, in which guest posting is one of them, that is very important and play a very unique role for SEO of your website. So let's see why we should guest posting on another website.

Importance of Guest Blogging

Why Guest Post?

There are many questions about the guest posting like "what is a guest post" etc. In simple word we can say that when we publish our article or post on other websites, then that way is called the guest posting, that means you will be writing for another website or blog. For guest posting, you can choose any website that have better ranking in Google search result page. Before writing a guest post for any website you should read guest post guidelines of that website.

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How to do Guest Post

How to guest post? To post a guest post on any websites, first you have to find a related website from your article, which is going to be submitted by the guest posting. After that, when you have to find a good website for guest posting, Then you will have to contact form the owner of the website and tell about guest posting, when the owner of the website is ready to accept the guest post, then you can send your post to them and they will publish it if your post is good and matches their website guidelines. This is the simple way for guest posting on any website. But before submitting a guest post on any website, please keep in mind that their post should be fresh and unique and have also at least 800 to 1000 words. It should not duplicate. If your post is duplicated, that means it has copied content, then the owner of that website where you want to publish it, will reject it. They will not approve your post if it is not fresh. So please read all guidelines carefully of that website where you want to submit it and then write it. For reading the guidelines for that website you can go to write for us page on that website. There are so many websites available for guest posting.

Benefits of Guest posting

If we talk about the benefits of guest blogging or guest posting, then there is no doubt that Guest posting is the Diamond key for best ranking your website in Google search result. When you post an article as a guest post on any website, then you will give a link of your website on any word in that post. So when any user come on that website and read that post which you have submitted as a guest post, then there will be more chances that he also come on your website through that link, which have  you put in the post. And also if that link is Do-follow then it will help to increase domain authority and if that is No-follow then it will help to increase traffic to your website.When we give links to our website in the guest post, then there are more chances that users of that website will also know about our website through that linking. The main advantage of guest posting is that we got a back-link of our website from that website where we will submit our guest post and also our website will be promoted through another website.

Guest Posting is Paid or Free? 

When we submit our guest post on any website then there is a question that it will be paid or free. So the answer of this question depends on the owner of that website where we will submit our guest post if their website is paid for guest posting, then you will be pay for that otherwise if it is free, then there is no problem you can submit your guest post as free. There are many sites which are paid for guest posting and also you can find many websites which are free for guest posting. 
If you have like this article, then please share and if you have any question related from guest posting, then please comment here. We will revert back as soon as possible.

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