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A Step Towards Cyberpreneurship with AI and Cybersecurity!

 Stephen Hawking, the great physicist and cosmologist once said that the development of fully developed artificial intelligence would bring the end of the human race.

Elon Musk, the most revolutionary thinker of the 21st century, thinks that AI will cause WWIII (World War 3). Even Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, notes that the country leading AI is most likely to lead the way of the world.

In short, technologies, computers, machines, and everything that looks advanced and artificial will take over humans. So one day, we are all going to succumb to an evil technology.

Take examples of the Worst AI ChatBot Fails! Do you remember the Twitter chatbot - Tay Bot introduced by Microsoft in 2016?

A Step Towards Cyberpreneurship with AI and Cybersecurity!

After learning from our tweets via AI and data algorithms, Tay started tweeting profanity and racial bias. It was a catastrophe, Microsoft shut it down, and we never saw it again!

The same thing happened with Google Translate. Similarly, in 2017, Facebook stopped its AI experiment after their chatbots created a secret language to communicate with other programs.

Clearly, we are doomed because we don't have the best AI solutions!

Whether you believe in this bleak future of us or not, one thing is undeniable that everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence Development. And will AI take us to the next level of existence?

For this thing to happen, we need a lot of good data, better AI expertise capable of fine-tuning the algorithm, and domain expertise in internet security and safety. In other words, we need to create an ecosystem of Positive DataCollection, Cybersecurity of Internet Infra, and Self Learning Programs.

But, with today's technology, I think we are at minimum one and a half-decade away from creating the best AI solutions, where humans too can exist peacefully.

That's why AI and Cybersecurity can potentially start a new realm in entrepreneurship, i.e., Cyberpreneurship!

AI: A Paneca in Cybersecurity!

We all live in the era of digital transformation, where data generates every day. You will be amazed to know that we got 90% of the world's data in the last three fours years. To analyze that data, we use Big Data Analytics in the context of our businesses and to gain our purposes.

Here, our purpose is to use AI in cybersecurity defense!

On June 4, 2019, the NSTC Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) Subcommittee held a workshop with Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) to discuss the research done at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity.

According to the reports from the workshop, the recent advances in computer science technologies like Image Recognition, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Data Analytics are found exceeding human-level performance by hundred times.

Cybersecurity can indeed use AI to increase its overall effectiveness, awareness, and real-time reaction upon any cyberattack. Artificial Intelligence using its self-adaptive capabilities will help the cybersecurity systems against the ongoing attacks to prevent data leaks and device hack.

Though the new AI applications run every business aspect or enterprise goal, we don't know if these AI-systems are manipulative or not. Therefore, cybersecurity should also take care of the safety of AI.

While AI can help to fight cybercrime, you can also develop your own AI to use it in criminal activity (only if you are a hacker). Undoubtedly, in the future, the systems will be used for both - attack and prevent.

And if this happens, then the thoughts of Stephen Hawking and others about the end of the human race due to AI will come true!

The very thought is the reason why we need more startup companies and courses on the Integration of AI & Cybersecurity. All this is because the Cyberpreneurship with AI is the next industrial revolution on planet earth!

In fact, billions of dollars are being invested in AI technologies, Artificial Intelligence courses, Cybersecurity certifications, and much more.

What are the Use Cases of AI in Cybersecurity?

We know cybersecurity means defending electronic devices, servers, networks, data from malicious attacks. Additionally, it means the identification and assessment of cyberthreats. Thus, cybersecurity is a repetitive and tedious task.

And to do such repetitive tasks, we have machines in our one pocket and AI in the other. On training AI algorithms with different sets of steps to identify the incoming cyber attacks and act accordingly in real-time, the AI adds good inroads in the cybersecurity industry.

In fact, many cybersecurity companies are using AI to detect cyber attacks. In the report from the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD), the success rate of AI in cybersecurity practices is between 90% to 99%.

Furthermore, academic research tells us that cybersecurity vendors use AI and ML-based products to deal with cyber threats. One such AI is DarkTrace whose success rate is 99% low fault rates.

Below is the list of AI use cases for cybersecurity in -

l  Network security & management

l  Botnet Detection & Secure User Authentication

l  Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

l  Analyzing mobile endpoints

l  Malware and Intrusion detection

l  AI-based Email Monitoring

l  Threat Analysis & Threat Mitigation

l  Spam Filter Applications

l  Reducing Threat Response Time

l  Hacking Incident Forecasting

l  Automating routine tasks of a security analyst

Just because the cybersecurity sector isn't fully developed, we can say that AI systems are nascent at the moment. And the companies out there in the businesses need healthy, mature, and complete AI systems that are far more accurate than the existing traditional cybersecurity systems.

What are your thoughts? What challenges are there in the integration of cybersecurity & AI?

We think the lack of awareness among us is a big challenge!

How Cyberpreneurship Solves This Challenge?

Cyberpreneurship is a new tool in the digital age. It is a fusion of cyber, i.e., internet, related technologies with the entrepreneurship skills of a person. 

Though many digital enterprises have boomed in the past decade, a very little, say 1% were AI-based Cyberpreneurs. If this 1% becomes 10%, then the entire internet-related infrastructure of the world will become safe, secure, and free from cyber attacks.

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For this, we need to make more investments for future AI systems but under proper AI community standards. Also, we need to do more research on testbeds and datasets in a principally organized and sustainable manner.

Additionally, we must attract millennials by introducing cyberpreneurship programs, webinars, online events, job fairs, and much more!

We need to put more effort into educating ourselves about the integration of AI and cybersecurity. For this, we have to foster open-source learning, collaboration, innovation, investment, and production.

Informing the public about this is also necessary!

Thus, we have to put content materials online about the usefulness, challenges, limitations, benefits, best practices, and future trends of AI technology. "A Step Towards Cyberpreneurship with AI and Cybersecurity" is one such content material.

The schools, colleges, and universities must start degree courses because only education on cyberpreneurship will give more cyber preneurs in AI and cybersecurity!

Now your role is simple! You have to like the content (if you liked it), share it with your friends, loved ones, and let the entrepreneur within you come out to explore our tech-driven world.

Don't forget to mention your response in the comment section below!


Author Bio

James Burns is the Founder &CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally Artificial Intelligence Development Company in USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing.

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