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5 Simple Methods to Repair PowerPoint files?

 Do your PPT files get corrupted and now you want your PowerPoint repair? Then, this blog is the perfect guide that you were searching for.

Simple Methods to Repair PowerPoint files.

Nowadays, one of the biggest issues among users is getting the files corrupted. This makes the user unable to operate their PowerPoint file. It also ruins their user’s important presentation. This article will explain all the possible solutions to repair user’s PowerPoint files.

Some Common Techniques to Repair PowerPoint File

Method 1: Shift the Presentation to another Location

  1. First, move to the folder comprising the presentation file in the Windows Explorer
  2. Make the replica of the presentation to another storage media
  3. Then, do either of the following things. If the user has stored the presentation on the hard drive then, move or shift it to the USB. And if it is stored on a USB drive then, move it to the hard drive
  4. Now, generate a new folder on the drive and try to shift the presentation into it
  5. After that, open the replica of the file into a new location. Try to run the file from the location where it is lately get saved
  6. Finally, inspect the original location for the errors. If the user runs the file from a new location, then it means that the original location gets corrupted.

Method 2. Reutilize the Slides

Users can use this method by using the following ways to do PowerPoint repair. 

  1. Firstly, users can generate a new presentation with an empty slide. Users can repair their PowerPoint files, and then be deleted.
  2. Visit the application, and choose the “File” -> “New” -> “Blank Presentation” -> “Create” on the taskbar.
  3. Next, insert the damaged slides.
  4. Choose the Home button with the left mouse button on the taskbar. Choose the Create Slide tab.
  5. Users will view the button of “Reuse slides” at the end of the dropdown bar, tap on it. After that, select the option “Browse”, and then the user will view a list of available presentations.
  6. The user has to choose the damaged one. Tap Open. Next, right-tap on one of the slides and left-tap on "Insert All."

If the user is still unable to repair PowerPoint files. Then, try or proceed to the next method.

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Method 3: Try to Open Presentation in PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft provides the feature of the PowerPoint Viewer to access the user’s PowerPoint files. This is a freeware utility that enables its users to open the corrupt PowerPoint presentation on your Windows.

  1. First, double-tap on the PowerPoint viewer file to initiate the installer
  2. After that, choose the default installation settings and follow the prompts
  3. Now, start PowerPoint Viewer from the Start menu once the user has installed it
  4. Finally, move through the corrupt PowerPoint presentation and open it in the Viewer

Method 4. Try to Open a Temporary PowerPoint file

PowerPoint generates a temporary version of the presentation with the file extension .tmp. Users can try to rename this temporary file, as it helps the users to fix the PowerPoint files. Next, visit the temporary folder with the files and right-tap on the file, then choose Rename. Users can alter the file name from .tmp to .pptx. Next, attempt in opening this renamed file.

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If this method doesn’t work then don’t worry and try to use other approaches.


Method 5. Reinstall the MS Office

Users can use the PowerPoint repair method by using the following steps-

  1. If the user installs MS Office recently, and even after that user is unable to open the PowerPoint file or it is shown incorrectly. Then, it means that your MS Office is not configured well. Users can attempt to reinstall it.
  2. Users can download MS Office through the official Microsoft website or, by a CD/DVD with MS Office. They can use it for installation (Customize — choose - MS Office).
  3. To initiate, delete the previous MS Office installation. Users should perform these steps: Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> Programs. Choose MS Office, then tap Remove -> Continue -> OK. After that,  restart your computer and start installing MS Office.

Once the users reinstall the software. It will be assisted by the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard is located in the program version on the disk and from the official site.

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These were the manual approaches to perform the repair of PowerPoint files. If it doesn’t go well then it means that users have to repair the MS Powerpoint data. To fix this issue, users can opt for the third-party tool or PowerPoint Repair Tool.

Users can try the PPT Repair Tool to operate the recovery of the maximum data from the highly corrupted PPT files. This utility also offers the free demo version, users can scan and preview the recovered data


Last Remark

Users can use these methods for the process of PowerPoint repair. If the user has corrupt PPT data then they can use the Repair Tool for Powerpoint. The utility will quickly recover and repair user’s all PPT files.

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