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Php vs Java Who Is Winning the Battle of Codes

In today's technology-driven era, where smart devices, computers are performing a vital role in our lives. Technologies are emerging and regularly growing, undoubtedly choosing a suitable language for development needs is a typical decision for developers as well as clients.

Choosing a programming language for your app development needs is a vital step. There are many things we need to consider before making a wise selection. How much time does it take to deliver the project? 

Php vs Java Who Is Winning the Battle of Codes

What are the security features? What is your budget? We are here to help you know the best programming language between Java and PHP that you can use for your web application venture.

PHP vs Java: Who Is Winning the Battle of Codes?

When you choose a programming language for your application development, it is quite necessary to choose an updated and suitable platform. A wise selection is the only way to make your application successful and adaptable also, it is necessary to get fruitful results and business objectives.

Now we have a little idea about why choosing a correct language is vital; however, it is hard for a developer without having experience in programming to find out the best one. Therefore, a wise selection of programming languages can be made by expert developers.

What is PHP?

PHP is a widely used scripting language across the world. It is a globally accepted server-side scripting language by web developers since its inception in 1995. It is a very well recognized and adopted programming language for developing custom websites with its highly functional scripting features. 

It can be easily mixed up with HTML. In terms of ease of development, PHP is quite easy as compared to other competitors such as Coffee, ASP.NET and others. It offers lots of features, formats and techniques to the developers that are easy to understand and implement.

 There are lots of other alternative scripting languages available; however, PHP is the best fit for custom web application development needs.

What is Java?

Java is a well-structured; object-oriented programming language, which was initially developed for embedded devices. Java came in existence in 1991, since then it has been used by developers for different purposes. 

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Java is an open-source, platform-independent, object-oriented and widely used language globally. It enables developers to create applications ranging from small mobile apps to enterprise-level complex apps. 

Today, we can see Java everywhere, in our desktop computers, mobile phones, enterprise applications, web systems etc. The extensive demand and usage of Java have enabled lots of businesses in getting their business on the web, mobile and desktops.

Here, we have elaborated a few steps to enable you to know which is the best between PHP and Java:

Interpreted and Compiled

The discussion over the selection between an interpreted and compiled language is going on. The general belief is scripts are easy to use and offer great productivity to programmers.

Java is a compiled programming language, whereas PHP is an interpreted programming language. PHP executes instructions directly without compiling them into machine language instructions. So, PHP as a scripting language runs the code in their respective runtime environments.

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While Java works on the concept of Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) on any operating system; It is possible with Java due to compiled nature. Java codes initially compiled into the bytecodes and then executed on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

Development time and cost

One of the essential things every business owner notices before choosing a programming language is the development time and cost to launch the app to the market. 

Generally, software development with PHP takes less time and cost as the average PHP developers are less costly than Java's. However, for some business jobs, Java is a perfect choice. 

Therefore, the development time and cost should not be one of the main factors while choosing a programming language. If you don't have any issue with development time and cost and Java can fulfil your needs then choose it otherwise PHP would be a better option for you.


PHP is equipped with good documentation on itself and third-party websites. The recent PHP updates bring lots of enhanced changes improving the documentation and core too.

Java, also offers lots of well-defined libraries to assist developers. These are used to offer detailed information and quality standards on every development phase.

Language Tool

No doubt Java is rich in packing tools, debugging tools and editing tools. Such tools give advantage to Java over PHP. Java offers lots of IDEs such as Netbeans, Eclipse and others, which enable software developers to get a better development environment. It offers text editors, Editors and Notepad++ that are an added advantage of Java.

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Editors assist developers in debugging and make Java development much fluent, more comfortable and much swifter while PHP doesn't provide the same level of debugging features to developers. 

PHP only utilizes packaging files. Java supports a wide range of packaging tools incorporating Editors, Web Start, Maven, ANT and more for profitable and real-time app development.

Easy learning & support

Both of these programming languages are easy to learn and understand. However, when it comes to supporting, PHP is the winner between both the languages.


Security always plays a vital role in choosing any development language. Professional developers only know the best and suitable language for your app development needs. Creating an app with a secured programming language is essential to make your data secured on the web. 

When it comes to security Java still has strong dominance with its tools, debugging and security features over PHP. Experts recommend using dedicated hosting for Java-based apps and shared hosting for PHP-based apps.

Speed & Performance

Like business owners, mobile and web apps must be developed with the motto to automate your dynamic business processes. In the same manner, businesses always need programmers to write secured, standard and sophisticated programs that allow easy access to all its users.

The new updates of PHP enable developers to write codes quickly in this way; it reduces the resource requirements at the same time. 

While, Java utilizes unique threads for effectively and easily executing multiple instruction strings, making the writing process much faster than PHP.

Class-based and prototype-based

Java is class-based while PHP is prototype-based. Java utilizes class-based inheritance that allows using class properties into another class that inherits its properties.

It is a typical class-based hierarchical and top-down relationship. PHP follows prototype-based programming that allows reuse of existing objects with the process of cloning.


Both Java and PHP have different features and benefits. Choosing the best and suitable language for your app development needs to depend on your project requirements, budget, functional features and other factors. 

Java is a more reliable choice for complex projects; however, it needs a good budget to hire expert developers. On the other hand, PHP is easier to learn and accessible to new developers.

So the discussion is not over yet. You have set your requirements before choosing any programming language between both of them. Hope this discussion over which is better between PHP and Java is helpful for you.

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