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Is a Digital Marketing course good for a PCM student after 12th?

With a plethora of options out there after completion of higher secondary, choosing one stream can be an overwhelming decision. Life after 12th is a crossroad for every student in India. They will be torn between opting for traditional courses and selecting something that is new and budding but has its value. A right choice will lay the road for a bright future and flourishing career. With the magnification of technology and transcending popularity of digital media, the digital media course is something that has become quite a buzz among the upcoming generations.

Is a Digital Marketing course good for a PCM student after 12th?

If you are a student who has finished HSC with physics, chemistry and maths as the core subjects, you can without any doubt enrol for a digital marketing course. As an early bird, you will have booming benefits in the field.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the art of marketing products or services through various digital media. In a digital marketing course, you will learn everything about digital marketing practices. Social media might differ from search, social media, email to video and you will learn how each works and what will work on them based on a different industry. The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to reach the prospective buyer with the product or service.

Why digital marketing course after 12th?

Let us take a look at some facts and figures here. The number of internet users in India has spanned over 700 million in 2020 and the number is not going to stop there and it is expected to grow to 974 million by the year 2025. When the global picture is taken into account, the number is mind-boggling with 4.57 billion active internet users. Generating revenue by attracting more customers to buy their product or business is what businesses do. The traditional marketing methods don’t work wonders as they used to do in the digital era. In the period where people are always looking at one or the other digital media screen, it is witty to sell the products there. With the number of internet users on the rise, the demand for digital marketers is also increasing steeply.

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This is where young minds come into play. The value for traditional degree courses is not like they used to be. 80 per cent of engineering graduates are unemployed. The skill-based courses such as digital marketing have high value after 12th as the demand for a digital marketer will not suffice anytime soon. The mind of a student who has completed will be thirsty for knowledge and the skill-based course will quench the thirst.

Benefits of digital marketing course

The benefits of pursuing a digital marketing course by a PCM major student are endless. This skill-based course is world-renowned.

No complex entrance exams

To enrol for a digital marketing course, you need not have to pass any complex entrance exams, anyone who has competed for HSC with a minimum required percentage can take up this course.

Short duration course

The digital marketing course after 12th will extend for up to a year. With years of knowledge, you can get placed well at a decent job. The digital marketing course will prepare you for the job market therefore you are bound to start your professional career much before you might in a traditional course. 

High paying job

In India, the job starts quite well even for a fresher. If you are experienced, then you are the king in the job market. The annual package is around 3.0 lakhs to 4.0 for a fresher who is just starting. If you have 5 to 10 years of experience your package will increase extremely with a package of around 12 to 20 lakh per annum. The same will exponentially increase if your experience is more than 10 years. 

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Launch your own startup

If you don’t wish to work after gaining some experience, you can start your own digital marketing company. Digital marketing is imperative for all accompanies no matter whether they are small or big. But not all companies can afford to have a full-time digital marketer and they would outsource marketing. You can grab such opportunities by establishing a startup.

Bottom line

Digital marketing course is the hot trend in the education field with everything becoming digital. You can pursue this course after 12th and start a bright future. The most important thing that matters is where you take up the course. Look for one of the best institutions providing a robust course.

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