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Top 5 SEO Trends for 2021 - Digitfeast Guide

Hasn’t Google become an integral part of our lives? Our daily routine has become so intertwined with the internet that it’s practically unimaginable to plan our daily routine without banking on the internet, more precisely Google. Notably, the Google search engine, which clocks billions in searches daily, has a mechanism that ranks searches based on the usability and reach of the websites. To be precise, if your website doesn’t rank in the top 10 search list, it’s near- impossible to drive traffic to your website and engage your customers. This takes us to the next logical step in the process. Your daily dose of queries and information is governed by a ‘keyword’ that has now become the top priority for any business or service to stay ahead of the game. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that was once solely dependent on keywords has come a long way in the smartphone era as multiple websites vie for your attention on the web pages. Of late, with the ever-changing Google algorithms you have multiple options available at your fingertips, and what matters most are the ones that appear on the top. This top space is the most coveted as websites seem to outrank their competitors. To be competitive among your peers you need to keep a track on the regular updates in the Google algorithm. Here under, we discuss 5 top SEO trends for 2021 that help in driving more traffic to the website - 

Top 5 SEO Trends for 2021

1.   Increase in Voice-based Queries

 ‘Ok Google, ‘Hey Siri’, ‘Alexa’ are popular virtual voice- based assistants on your device at present. According to 2019 data, the total number of voice-based queries was 20%. Based on current trends it is likely that voice-based queries will increase to 43%. With devices that function on machine learning, it is safe to assume that voice-based searches will only rise upwards. A Google survey reports that 85% of the users consider voice search to be the future. Hence, it is apt to optimize both the voice and text search. Why type your queries, when you can voice them to your device directly? It is important to note that the voice search prioritizes long and accurate search queries instead of short and inaccurate queries. 

2.   Short Snippets 

Short snippets that contain the information you need will continue to show up at the top even before paid and organic searches. This is vital as the search engine highlights the user, the precise answer from a paragraph or a blog depending on the query. Accuracy is the USP over here as the short snippet delivers the information to the point and the user does not have to ponder over long texts to arrive at the solution. Research shows that around half of the searches do not lead to clicks as the user gets the answer from the snippets directly. A study of more than 2 million snippets showed that the featured snippet gets more traffic than the first search result. Highlighting the snippet and gauging the response to the required query solves half of your problem as accuracy might lead to direct traffic on your website once the users get accustomed to your interface. Updating and researching your snippets with the current trends will keep you at the top and more importantly ahead of your competitors. Mobile users mostly do not tend to scroll down and often the algorithm throws up the top result that is heard to the user. You can keep ahead of the trend if you analyze the user mindset. Nowadays, Google does not necessarily pick up the result that is based on the combination of the words being types. It picks up words that are related to the query being searched with its ever changing algorithm. So, it becomes easy when the content creators can come up with a combination of words that are most likely to be searched for on the internet. 

3.   Images Optimisation

Images draw attention more than the text. Therefore, it is important to optimise the images in order to boost traffic to the website. Again, the larger the image size, the longer it takes to load the image. Hence, the file size of the images should be compressed to speed up the loading process.

 4.   Website Speed Optimization 

Similar to the images, if your website takes time to load, users tend to get frustrated resulting in the drop of rankings for the website and searches. Currently, there are many online tools available that help in building user-friendly websites. India being predominantly a mobile market, in terms of accessing the internet, user-friendly websites for the mobile web browser might prove to be a game-changer. In 2015, Google revealed that mobile searches outranked searches when compared to desktop in 10 countries that include the US and Japan. Coming to the Indian market, it saw data prices plummet before the telecom revolution in 2016. The underlying point here is that websites have a head start when the content is moderated to suit the mobile version initially. This has become more evident from the fact that Google has shifted its priorities by bringing in Mobile-first index. This implies that Google uses the mobile version for indexing and ranking and if the page does not suit the mobile version and or it has less data, you are more likely to slip down in the rankings for both mobile and desktop searches. 

5.   Video Marketing 

If images tend to draw more attention than text, it is videos that have an edge over them all. Explanatory videos are most likely to be viewed than the text, according to a report in the Forrester Research. YouTube is now the default go-to video site for any content on the internet. Its humongous reach necessitates content in the video format. Again, making the keywords search-friendly for the video puts you on the top of the queue. Almost 62 % of Google searches lead to video results. Enabling videos on the website will prove conducive to your website, driving more traffic. For a better user- friendly experience optimize the video to the blog width. 

As an SEO Services provider we understand the importance of Trends & their impact on keyword rankings on SERP. This has been one of our crucial best practices we follow at our agency.

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