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Which keywords to avoid for a new website  - Digitfeast Guide

You came up with an astonishing startup idea. You got all the vital resources checked, and your startup is now a successfully running business. But soon you realize that something is missing. Then it clicked! Your online visibility. So you came up with the idea of setting up a website with utmost  


Which keywords to avoid for a new website

attentiveness. And now you want to optimize it to the fullest so that it gives you beneficial returns. 


If you find yourself relating to the above scenario, you might want to continue reading our article because we have some useful information in store for you. 

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Undoubtedly, Google is getting smarter day by day. Search Engine Optimisation Trends are constantly changing. Therefore it's not unexpected that people and even renowned experts are baffled by these sudden twists.  


As we all know half knowledge is always fatal. You might have the motive of increasing your website's traffic rate and increasing your return on investment. But any improper analysis can lead you to very harmful scenarios.  Inappropriate use of Optimisation techniques can also penalize you and this damage would have quite terrifying consequences for your business.  


But don't stress out. We have all the important information covered up in this article that will help you in scrutinizing each and every move. So hang tight and continue reading further! 


#1 Avoid Keywords that don't Fulfill the Visitor's Motive 


When optimizing articles for driving in more visitors, we often sideline the fact that what our audience actually wants.  


If you have a website and you want to increase your audience, make sure you do not compromise with the quality. A searcher's intent or visitor's motive refers to why the audience is clicking on your article. 

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For instance, if your article is related to video hosting, then you must include keywords related to that and your article must consist of vital information revolving around that topic only. But instead, if you choose to go completely off track and write about something that is not relevant to what the headlines suggest, then this would instantly be noticed by your audience.   


Visitor's disinterest would extremely affect your online visibility and a brand name like Breakout for mystery games.. Therefore, always make sure to fulfill the searchers' intent. 


#2 Avoid Keywords with Higher Volume  


This is another important factor that many web developers tend to brush aside. If your motive is to target more audiences onto your website. You might sometimes make the mistake of including the highest volume keywords. 

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Well, unfortunately, we will have to break this to you that the highest-volume keywords are not always the most beneficial ones for your website. 


Your content has to be rich in quality. Therefore, before including keywords in your article, try to analyze what volume is best for your website. 


This will help you in obtaining your target goals while also fulfilling the requirements of your visitors.  


#3 Avoid Keywords that are Analysed Afterwards  


Many of the known content writers make this mistake. If you are writing an article and your goal is to optimize it the Search Engine Optimisation should be done beforehand.  

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Unfortunately, many writers first draft the content and then analyze the keywords accordingly. But this has proved to not give satisfactory results. Therefore, if you want to enhance your quality content, you must effectively do your research. Thoroughly analyze what your clients want and what your website claims to offer. Accordingly, your task would be to come up with the best suitable keywords. Framing your content concerning these keywords will prove to be highly advantageous in the long run. 


#4 Avoid Keywords that aren't Mobile Friendly  


As a website owner, you must consider the fact that the majority of your visitors use mobile phones. Therefore analyzing your keywords according to mobile and tablet users is essentially important. Some keywords that are not mobile-friendly due to various reasons such as their length or complexity tend to decrease the number of your daily visitors. 


If you carefully analyze your keywords and make sure that they are suitable for a mobile audience, then it would show prominent results in no time. If your brand or business is a part of a prime location, you can additionally include keywords related to that particular location.  


According to a survey conducted we found out that more than 90% of the people are attracted by location-specific keywords. Therefore if you keep these things in mind, your website's reach might improve considerably. 


#5 Avoid Keywords that aren't Trending  


In this tech-savvy generation, something or the other is constantly on the trend. Thus, it is vital that you keep an eye on these dynamic trends like escape rooms. Amalgamating all the trendy keywords in your article can boost up your audience in a blink of an eye. 


If, for instance, a topic that is trending is supposedly related to your website's niche, always consider to include related keywords in your article. This will help to increase your article's reach as more audiences would be clicking and searching for these keywords. It will be highly beneficial to boost your website's visibility for the short-term. Simultaneously, you can also work on improving your website's performance so that the attracted audience comes back for another visit. 




In the above article, we have carefully scrutinized all the prevailing keywords mistakes that web developers make, especially for their brand new website. If you keep in mind all the above-mentioned pointers, you will be saved from making fatal mistakes.  


Some mistakes cannot be erased even when numerous efforts are made. Therefore, it is better to be prepared than sorry. So, to facilitate you with the utmost development of your website. We have covered up the necessary points that will help you in enhancing your SEO. We have attentively analyzed the above-mentioned point in numerous case scenarios. Thus, we can assure you that their optimum utilization would enhance your website performance considerably.  


So, precisely inspect your website and find out the most suitable keywords that would result in attracting more audience for your site. 


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