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How to enable best SEO plans in WordPress as free of charge

With the development of the internet and technology, the use of search engine is widely enhancing. So, every businessman and marketer is looking for securing the top position in the SERP ranking. If you want to increase the ranking of the website in the search, you should learn how to enable SEO plans in WordPress without paying any cost. Improving WordPress SEO is crucial for having more traffic to the website.

You might have heard that WordPress is SEO friendly, and this becomes one of the strongest reasons for the people to opt for WordPress to design their websites. However, when you want to enjoy more benefits out of it, you want to maximize the results, you have to enable SEO and work for success. If you are new to the industry and if you want to know the process of enabling SEO plans in the WordPress free of cost, here is the most suitable you have to go through.

How to enable best SEO plans in WordPress as free of charge

Basics of WordPress SEO

SEO can get technical, but it does not have to be. Just learning the few basic SEO tips and optimizing the page can help you with boosting the website traffic. You do not have to be a tech genius to use the techniques to have such SEO. You have to follow a list of simple ways, and this will help you with the best SEO results.

Create a user profile WordPress blog

To start with, you have to create the user profile WordPress blog. This is one of the crucial steps in setting up an account for the WordPress site. So, you have to create the user profile that will offer the relevant information for the people who wish to visit the blogs. When you are ready to create the user profile, you have to set the password. Ensure you are remembering the username and password, and it is very important for hosting the account. Unfortunately, if you have forgotten the user name or password, no one can log in to the WordPress account, and you have to follow several measures to retrieve the password.

Down and install the plugin

The next thing you have to consider is setting up the WordPress site to download and install the plugin. There are different plugins to help you achieve the desired results on the blog. You have to note various factors about it and choose the right one as per your needs. Once you are done with this installation process, the next step is to configure it. If the plugins do not have any options for configurations, you should navigate to the settings page and click on the link that denotes “configure”. Here, you have to enter your username and password that you have mentioned in the web host.

Choose the theme

When you have configured the plugins, the next step is to look for the right theme for your website that will make it high performing. You are free to choose any template that you would like to avail as per the plugin. If you like, you can also look for adding some other plug-ins that will make the site to be more interesting and appealing for the users to use it.

Create the title tag

Now, you need to create the title tag that will be placed on all the pages in the WordPress blog. Ensure your title tag is not only about the title, but it also includes the keyword density of 10% or more. It will make the user look for the keywords in the post instead of looking for it in Google or any other search engines separately. For instance, if your blog post has keywords like poker strategy, your title tag will be like “poker strategy – free poker strategies to play online poker with the convenience of being at home”.

Enabling SEO plans

When you have to learn how to perform these steps is no more a difficult task. However, you have to keep in mind that things will definitely improve the amount of work that you have to perform. If you want to know how to enable SEO plans in WordPress free of cost, the experts suggest reading the blog and sign up to the free WordPress hosting account. Once when you get the free WordPress account, you can proceed with the process and start working on the SEO efforts.
There are lots of plugins that can help you to boost the ranking of the web pages. One of these plugins is called SEO Bypass technically. It will help in improving the list of strategies that will help to improve the page’s ranking.

SEO plan

One of the crucial SEO plans is worth mentioning is the one called Google analytics. It is the plugin to help you track the number of visitors that you will get, how come in and what kind of search they will use. If you do not want to pay for the service specifically, you can also simplify Google Analytics into the WordPress blog and know what the visitors are searching for any keywords. So, there is no excuse if you are having the ranking as you do not know to optimize the blog for the better results.

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The other SEO plan will help in boosting the rank in Search Engine Optimization plan. When you opt for this plugin, you can have an opportunity to improve the number of links pointing to your blog through the use of any Meta tags and titles tags. It will increase the traffic that your website and the ranking of the page in the several search engines like Google.

The bottom line

In the growing requirements in the internet domain, almost everyone is looking for securing the top position in the digital space. Hopefully, here you might have got about the ways to have the SEO plan for the WordPress sites. Note the above point for enabling the SEO plans for the best ranking in the Google platform.

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