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Evaluating and Growing Your Business

Once your business has been established for a while you want to start looking towards the future and looking towards growth. To grow your business you need to invest time and money. It is not wise to invest any money or to look at borrowing or funding until you have invested time and evaluated what your business is currently offering. To get the proper knowledge and guidance how to grow your business for that you must consult experts of ThinkSME.

Evaluating and Growing Your Business

What Are You Offering?

Are you offering a great service or a fantastic product? What are you giving your customers and what is stopping them from moving to a competitor’s product or service? Try and gather feedback from customers whenever they use or purchase a product or service from your business, in order to ensure that you are giving them the best offering possible. If your standards are slipping and your offering is not of the best quality, then you need to focus on improving these areas before you even consider growth.

Business Processes: Are they Effective and Streamlined?

What processes do you currently use within your business and are they efficient and effective? For example, if you look at doing a supply chain assessment, you will quickly see where issues lie, and where you need to focus more of your efforts. When looking at supply chains you need to work out if you are getting the most for your money, and if the whole process is as quick and simple as it can be. Lots of factors affect the supply chain, from transport to the availability of goods, so it is important to account for these before making a decision about if and where your supply chain can be improved.

How’s the Competition: Are You Matching or Beating the Competition?

Part of evaluation and growth is looking at your competitors and seeing how they are getting on. If your customers are migrating to your competitor’s business, then what are they offering that you are not? Before you invest money in growing your business you need to keep your existing customer base happy. Although you cannot please every customer, it is wise that you try to keep a large proportion happy and content in order to ensure they keep you afloat as you expand into new markets and areas.

What Is Your Bottom Line Saying?

Are you making enough money in your current situation? If you are only turning over small amounts then you need to focus on increasing your levels of profit. Reaching new audiences and new customers is expensive and you may have to focus on different marketing methods alongside new product lines/variations. Therefore, before you invest in new areas you need to look at what you are currently making in your business. If you are just turning over and surviving and not making a profit then you need to focus on improving your profit margins before trying to grow.

The advantage of evaluating your business is that you get the chance, and the opportunity, to look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes. When you look at your business from the inside out you can see where issues lie, and you can focus on rectifying them so that you can move forwards, focusing solely on growth.

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