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Why outsourcing IT provision and support services has become the preferred option for many companies

These days it is almost impossible to think of any company that does not rely on its IT services and communications to operate. In the modern age, almost all firms use IT to some level – for every aspect of work ranging from simple email communications, video conferencing, and back-up storage to project management apps and increasingly self-managed systems. 

The internet and computers have had a transformative effect on our world, so much so that many industry experts suggest we are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution – a world in which automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning will soon come to dominate our lives.

As more companies integrate IT services into their operations, the demand for reliable and efficient support systems also increases. This is where companies like Verticomm come in, providing IT provision and support services to ensure seamless business operations. With the growing complexity of IT systems and the need for round-the-clock support, outsourcing to companies has become a preferred option for many businesses.

IT provision and support services

Our new world of data

It is estimated we currently produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day – much of it generated by business and other related ecosystems. As individuals, we post videos, send texts, and make video calls, but business – and, in particular, big data – is where the real generation of information lies.

As companies have come to rely more on their IT networks and service provision, the amount of data generated has increased – as has the importance of that information. With firms now able to make accurate predictions and judgments based on historical data analysis, business decision-making has become significantly more precise, based on informed, educated processes and less guesswork.

This type of information is an invaluable asset to companies. With the value of corporate data growing, companies are increasingly moving towards outsourcing their IT provision to trusted professionals rather than trying to handle everything in-house.

A forced rethink of the world of work

Perhaps more than any other event in recent history, the recent emergence of the Coronavirus in late 2019 forced companies to realize the importance of their IT networks. Through the imposed lockdowns and isolation caused by COVID, firms were forced to move their operations online – onto networks to allow employees to work from home.

With enforced stay-at-home rulings, people increasingly turned to the internet for everything from their entertainment to socializing and shopping. Almost without exception, the companies that have made it through the Coronavirus storm have been those that already had a powerful online presence, e-commerce capacity, coordinated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, and – crucially - an existing wide area network capacity.

It would be fair to say COVID has caused a rethink about how and where we work. Moreover, even after the virus has passed, most industry experts agree that the traditional world of work and the notion of working in offices could well be gone forever. With the majority of staff and companies reporting a better life/work balance and increased productivity, the idea of home-working seems likely the future of employment – putting even greater importance on company networks.

Future-proofing your firm - the advantages of outsourcing IT networks

With such growing importance on IT and networks – plus vastly improved connection speeds and technology – companies are beginning to realize there are other options available rather than trying to handle everything in-house. Partnering with a specialized IT provider offers significant advantages over trying to run systems with your existing resources:

Access to the latest, fastest, most secure technology: IT companies invest heavily in purchasing the latest and best tech to provide their customers with the very best service.

24/7/365 support and security provision: IT is the backbone of your company, used for everything from your website to data storage. When things work, you forget its importance. However, should you find yourself the victim of a virus or malicious attack, you will soon understand just how much you rely on tech. With a managed IT, service provider, you will have immediate access to expert support to fix any issues should the worst happen. Moreover, professional IT providers will identify risks before they even cause a problem – giving you real peace of mind that your data and communications are safe.

Scalability and opportunities for growth: Outsourcing allows your IT requirements to scale and grow as your company grows, with minimal extra investment and significantly fewer issues than trying to upgrade yourself. Likewise, should you find you need to downgrade your service requirements, an IT company can quickly scale back your provision.

Outsourcing saves money: For the majority of firms, it is simply not feasible to employ a dedicated IT department. IT specialists have key skills learned over many years of study – and, as such, command an equally high wage. Most Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) simply cannot afford to employ dedicated IT staff.

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