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Tips to Use Discord Spoiler Tag

Discord enables you to decorate your emojis, gifs, and pictures in your messages by using a Discord spoiler tag, but some people do not know how to use Markdown formatting functions to achieve more unique results. You can modify the way viewers and readers interpret the content you publish with keyboard commands on your computer or mobile device. Discord provides a range of text-style labeling features like a chat app with text capabilities. 

Tips to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord

The Discord spoiler tag is the most recent addition to the markdown feature. You may cover a text or picture behind an overlay by the spoiler markdown. Users that have spoilers in the right way will press on the overlay to display the spoiler, and spoilers can prevent this.

Easy tips to Use Discord Spoiler Tag on Words 

  • It would help if you used the spoiler markdown syntax to mask a spoiler. In discord, this is the character "pipe" or "vertical slash," more particularly two "||" You must put two pipe characters on each side of the spoiler to label text as a spoiler. This works for the whole or just part of the post. You will write it in the message, "hiding spoilers are good manners.

Tips to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord

For example, if you wish to cover the term "hiding spoilers" as 'hiding ||spoilers|| is good manners. The spoiler overlay would hide everything between the two pairs of pipe characters. If the spoiler tags function well, the composer's message bar shows a subtle effect in the text.

  • Behind a spoiler overlay, you can cover text and place the pair of characters on either side of the spoiler text. You can mask the text from the spoiler overlay and put a pair of characters from the spoiler text on both sides. 
  • If you do not hold the Pipe key on your keyboard, you can still highlight a text as a spoiler. Before posting the text and then you press the eye symbol on the left-hand side of the popup bar. If you have selected text through the keyboard, using shortcuts like "Ctrl+A." when you highlight text instead, it does seem to function consistently. 
  • You can also click the text in the popup bar on an eye symbol to mark its spoiler. In the lower left-hand end of the popup picture upload, you can also label photos like spoilers by ticking the 'Spoiler' checkbox. You may type "Mark as a spoiler" on the bottom-left corner of the picture upload box to conceal the image behind a spoiler overlay.  
  • You must manually mask the image's title by using the same syntax as before when you label an image or text as a spoiler. 

Discord is perfect for getting friends on similar group servers, but not every message you send is ideal for everyone. You can mask those messages by using spoiler marks. 

The Bottom line

The discord is an easy-to-use and community development message site. You can add many forms to the text messages in a Discord server by adding spoiler tags. Using this discord, you can easily cover a message or an image behind an overlay by the spoiler markdown. This will help connect your friends through this platform.

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