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How to check BSNL balance, data balance, BSNL balance check number

    (BSNL) Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited offers a wide range of prepaid recharge choices, particularly for distinct regions. The government-owned company has offices all around the country. Customers may check their call and data balances, receive new deals, and more using USSD codes via the BSNL app, just like everyone else. On the other hand, knowing every BSNL USSD code can be tough at times. Many numbers fetch data, SMS, talk-time, remaining balance, and other forms of information. In this post, you will learn how to access your BSNL balance, data, and more. Let us get started without further delay.

    BSNL balance check code

    Many of us can check our Visa debit card balances on a regular basis to verify if they are safe or not. Similarly, we may execute a BSNL balance check, which is a service that allows you to check the balance and duration of your BSNL mobile number. By dialing a simple USSD code or sending an SMS, you may check your BSNL 4G data, minute, and SMS balance on your smartphone screen.

    Balance check numbers for BSNL: How do I check my BSNL main prepaid balance?

    All you have to do to check your main balance from any BSNL number is dial *123# on your calling app. The balance will be automatically retrieved using the USSD code. You may also find out your prepaid main balance by dialing *112#. The corporation also offers the option of sending an SMS to check your BSNL balance. Customers can SMS the word 'BAL' to 123 to find out how much money is left on their phones. Apart from that, users can download the app and log in with their OTP. After that, you may quickly check your main balance through the app.

    How to check BSNL balance

    How to check BSNL data balance

    To check the data balance you can use the below following details:

    • In some areas, BSNL also provides 4G coverage. Users connected to the BSNL 4G network can check for data by dialing *124#.*124*2# can also be used to check your BSNL net balance. 
    • Use *112# to check your data balance. 
    • Check your night data balance by dialing *123*8#.
    • By going to the application, one may also examine the details of the data balance.

    How to check your BSNL balance with BSNL App 

    What is the procedure for checking your BSNL balance? Follow these steps to get started using the BSNL mobile app and start recording your everyday activities.

    • Search for the BSNL official website in your phone's browser.
    • Open the app and run it. Activate the download and input your credentials.
    • To navigate the app, tap the menu in the top left corner.

    How to check the validity of a BSNL prepaid SIM

    You can verify the validity of a prepaid SIM card by dialing *123*1#. The main balance and the validity details of your BSNL prepaid number will be displayed within a second.

    What is the balance check number for BSNL?

    It is quite simple to check your balance using the USSD Code, and you do not need any balance or internet to do so. What you have to do is just dial the code *123# from your phone dial-pad. And the balance will be shown on your screen.

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    USSD codes for BSNL SMS pack balance inquiry

    You can also use codes to check the SMS pack balance with the telecom operator. To get the result of your remaining SMS balance, all you have to do is dial the following codes:

    • *123*1#
    • *123*5#
    • *125#
    • *123*2#

    How to check active BSNL prepaid plan 

    If you are unsure about your prepaid number's active prepaid plan, the firm offers certain USSD codes to help you figure it out. Users can find out about BSNL's active prepaid plan by dialing the USSD codes shown below.

    • *102#
    • *124*8#
    • *124*5#

    How to check BSNL's internet data balance

    To retrieve your internet data balance dial *124# to check your BSNL account's 4G data balance. Use '*112#' and '*123*10#' if you are a 2G or 3G subscriber, respectively. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone's texting software to send the text "BAL" to 121. You will receive an instant message with information about your data balance, validity term, and other aspects of your subscription.

    How do I check the balance of my BSNL unlimited data plan?

    If you are lucky enough to have BSNL unlimited data activation on your SIM, you may check your balance here. The ability to check your BSNL unlimited data balance using a code is a new feature, and the code is simple to use. Simply open your dialer and dial *124*2#, then wait for a message to appear informing you of your balance and validity.

    How to check BSNL offer

    The country's national company, BSNL, is currently providing offers to customers on certain plans. If you use BSNL, you can check the special offer by dialing the BSNL offer check number listed below.

    • Offers can be obtained by dialing 1503.
    • BSNL Balance -*123 #
    • Your phone number- 222 #, * 888 #, * 1 #, * 785 #, or * 555 #

    BSNL specialty 

    In comparison to Airtel and Reliance JIO, BSNL offers a slew of new services and 4G data plans, and it has introduced several services to its clients that not everyone is aware of. According to sources, the enormous increase in BSNL USSD codes is due to dedicated subscriptions and deactivations. People have to know their subscription data before using them. In two approaches, the complete information on BSNL balance checking for all prepaid mobile services is provided. Let us go over these two procedures to check your BSNL phone balance.

    • Text Message: The first method is to send a text message
    • USSD codes: The second option is to dial the USSD code from your phone's keypad.

    Wrapping it up

    It is important to realize that the BSNL 2G and 3G data balances are two independent balances. However, the codes for finding the account balance for both are the same. Thus, the above-mentioned will help you solve some of your questions and helped you check your BSNL balance.

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