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How To Perform A Factory Reset To Your Canon Printer? - Latest Guide

Canon printers come with a lot of features and trustworthy quality. This is not something that merely a few owners say, but something that is experienced by all the canon printer users. However, it is obvious for any machine to develop issues during its working and so do the Canon printers. However, sometimes, the problems are such that they could not be recognized by the user themselves.

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How to perform a factory reset to your canon printer?

However, it is possible that the issue that your printer is facing is not being solved by the solutions that you might have searched for. You may try doing a reset which is surely one of the most trusted methods to get your printer back to normal and original state as it was when you unboxed it. You may try a factory reset which would bring back your printer to its original state and the problem might be solved. Even the issues that are being faced could have various reasons being sure of what exactly the problem is. But the real question that arises here is, When and How do I reset my canon printer to factory settings?. So, a factory reset could be performed in any case of an issue, be it a minor or a major one.

As most Canon users might not know How do I reset my canon printer to factory settings? This article focuses on the very same theme. You will look at the steps and ways how we could perform a reset to your printer to sort out an issue that it might be facing.

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There might be a dozen of problems that your printer is going through, but you also might not be aware of the same and so, you may try contacting the customer care support of Canon printers by finding the contact details of the same through the Canon official website.

How do I reset my canon printer to factory settings?

Performing a factory reset is extremely easy as the menu buttons on the printer itself provide options to conduct the same. A factory reset not only solves a major problem that your printer might be facing but also sets back your printer to a state as it was when you bought it with all the original factory configurations. You might need to perform the entire printer setup that you did before, once you unpacked it earlier and connect the networks all over again.

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For a factory reset, follow the steps given below:

  • Switch on the canon printer that you are using and wish to undergo the factory reset process. 
  • Go to the menu section of the same printer and follow the direction giving arrows, to begin with, the process in the setup menu. 
  • Now go to the settings of the device that your canon printer is connected to and press the ok button. 
  • Select the reset setting and click on the ok button, to begin with, the entire procedure of factory reset.

How to reset my canon printer?

Here are the steps when followed that would allow you to reset your canon printer:

  1. The very first step is to switch off your printer by turning off the power button on your Canon printer. 
  2. Let it be at rest for a few seconds and allow it to completely shut down. 
  3. Once it is all turned off you need to press and hold the stop tab for about 3 to 4 seconds. 
  4. Now keep your finger on the stop button but also press the ON button simultaneously. Make sure that you do not release the stop button.
  5. Now slowly and gradually start releasing the stop button. Then, keep your finger on the ON button and press the stop button about 5 times.
  6. Lastly, release the power button alongside. The screen now goes all blank.
  7. It is preparing itself for the reset. Give it a few seconds and when it turns all silent without any noise, press the ON button. The printer is now done with the reset process.

Why is canon printer printing blank pages Further, the users might not have much knowledge of computers and printers but those problems can be sorted by the use and follow-up of a few ways and solutions.  By following the reset options and procedures that we have mentioned above you would be able to solve any of the issues that have been arising in your printer for a very long time successfully. In case the problem or the issue that you were facing still exists or a new issue is ever noted or discovered by you you may contact the customer care services which are 24/7 present on the official site of Canon with expert guidance and professional techniques.

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