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How To Block Airtel SIM - Block Lost Airtel Prepaid And Postpaid SIM

    If you lost your Airtel number or smartphone with the Airtel SIM inside, then the great news is that you can simply and easily block your lost SIM and purchase a new number with a new SIM card, or you can also buy with the same number. If you are thinking about how to do so, you are in the perfect place to follow the necessary steps to block your lost Airtel SIM card and get a new one. In some situations, if you stole or lost, there is only one way to block the SIM, which is best to call up the customer care number with the help of your friend's mobile or others. Additionally, visit the nearby Airtel store centre in some emergencies, get the old blocked SIM, and take a new SIM simultaneously. You need to block them instantly to prevent from any misuse of your Airtel number. Or you don’t have any store nearby then immediately without any delay, speak with Airtel support.

    Guide to block Airtel SIM if stolen or lost?

    To block the Airtel sim, call the SIM card or number network helplines to get more information. To block the SIM of yours, speak to number 121 or directly visit the customer services. After verifying the SIM as FNF number, just include birth date, ID card, father name, and mother name. Then, the helpline will move on to the further steps to close your SIM card Airtel number. Your main account manager or corporate manager will submit a request to the SIM network service to close your number. In some cases, a GD copy is a need, and the submission of a file and filling the entire form with the right information about you.

    • For GSM activation, use a certain code to cancel or close all the call forwarding modes
    • For deactivating GSM by enabling forward calls using a certain code given by sim network operators
    • You hope that you have done with your Airtel card close or block the online process. Keep learning more and more detailed information about it

    How to block Airtel SIM

    How to block Airtel SIM online

    • Deactivating or blocking an Airtel SIM is a very simple and easy task for you to do. Now you will have the steps which help you to do Airtel SIM number close through online.
    • Contact Airtel customer support at 121, and it may take some charges. Ask them and tell your details and tell them to block your Airtel number.
    • They will inquire for some details for verification about whether you are the real owner of this phone number or not. You have to tell them clearly.
    • After that, immediately, they will deactivate your number after verifying all your data, and you can also reactivate the services by customer support again. Also, visit the helpline Airtel website.

    You have to know important points before blocking Airtel SIM Card online

    Always the 121 are the valid numbers to block SIM for both the postpaid and prepaid clients. But before dialing a call, you need to know some details.

    • A number that you need to close or block
    • Recently dialed numbers in your mobile phone
    • Last and final recharge cost on your Airtel number

    To get a new Airtel number goes to the nearby Airtel shop with a copy of your proof of address and identity. It takes some time, up to 4 to 5 hours, to activate your new SIM of yours. If you have any remaining balance on your stolen or lost SIM, the Airtel customer support will help to carry forward the remaining balance with the same validity to your new SIM Airtel number. Somehow, you get back your lost number and need to be active again, and then without any delay, you need to dial a call to 121 again to get back. If sometimes going to block your number means Airtel sim due to its low-speed net connectivity, then hold on to the process and just need to change your SIM to a 5G plan to increase the internet speed of your sim.

    How to get New Airtel SIM with the same number

    • You can easily block without any hard task a new and fresh sim is given to you with the same number once you have closed the lost SIM.
    • Immediately visit the Airtel shop locator website.
    • Enter your area and city code to find the nearby Airtel shop for you
    • Visit the store with your proof and other details and also importantly with two passport size photos
    • Fill out the application or form given by the store, complete the verification, and need to pay some new SIM charge
    • Finally, insert your SIM in your mobile phone and click 59059 to activate your new SIM card number
    • It verifies your details like date of birth, address, name, and more.

    Ways to call Airtel customer support if you lost your number:

    Live chat and email support:

    • This chat helps all the people of Airtel sim cardholders. You can use any android app to take advantage of live chat support. You can also discover the chat by seeing their official site of Airtel.
    • You can send an email to the Airtel official website regarding your SIM issues in detail. You can explain them. Or you call them and tell them the issues you are facing. At soon, they will reach with clear ideas.

    Steps to deactivate postpaid and prepaid Airtel SIM with some tips:

    If you need to block your Airtel sim, then you have to close or block them instantly. It is very important to close or block numbers to stop the unwanted issues of your Airtel number. Airtel has witnessed high growth for many decades. Airtel was the very first to deliver 4G into all among the people. You have offline and online methods to block both prepaid and postpaid sims, but you need to visit nearby Airtel store compulsory. So if you don’t need to visit the Airtel customer shop and block your SIM online, you also have some process for that.

    Bottom line:

    Finally, by following the above information and process whatever you are operating a network, you can easily block your lost Airtel SIM card number within some hours. The above-explained steps are simple and easy, which won’t take much time and effort.

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