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Questions to ask when looking for an IT support company

A quick search on any major search engine will reveal many IT support companies offering a range of different services for your business or organization.

While you’ll have no trouble finding a team of digital caretakers to manage your tech, narrowing down your options, and finding the right service for the needs of you and your team can be a little trickier. So how do you choose the best provider?

Before signing a contract between you and you're chosen IT support company, it’s important to make sure you’ve done your due diligence.

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How big is your IT support service?

IT support companies can vary considerably in size, and it’s important that your chosen service is compatible with the needs of you and your business. Larger companies can offer more solutions and services, but small-scale IT support services tend to form stronger bonds within their own company and with your staff. If your business is a larger corporation with multiple offices around the country, then you may want to choose a similarly large IT support service like CMIT solutions. In contrast, smaller businesses may be better suited to a local IT service whose small, tight-knit teams can often provide a more personal level of customer service. In contrast, smaller businesses may be better suited to a local IT service whose small, tight-knit teams can often provide a more personal level of customer service.

What services do you offer?

Your chosen IT services will depend on the size of your business and what you require, so watch out for IT companies trying to oversell their services to you.

Make sure you read your contract thoroughly before signing anything, even if your company claims to “support it all”.

Do you offer different levels of support?

IT support services often offer different levels of service to suit the budget and needs of your business or organisation. These levels of support range from pay-as-you-go and break-fix serving to hire a fully managed service support.

Support contracts tend to be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the service you require.

What are your response times?

A ‘guaranteed’ response time doesn’t mean your IT service provider will be at your beck and call 24/7, but it’s consoling knowing if you do have any issue with your tech, they’ll be coming to your aid as soon as possible.

Will we get a dedicated account manager?

Do you want to build a relationship with one account manager who comes to know your business inside and out, or would you rather be dealing with multiple people? Make sure you ask who you will be dealing with directly.


When I phone, will I speak directly to a technician who can help?

An impersonal call center is usually the first point of contact for a large-scale IT support company. Manned by undertrained representatives with no prior knowledge of your business and little to no technical knowledge, there is nothing more frustrating than being passed around a call center from person to person as your own staff sits idly by waiting for the internet connection to come back.

Ideally, an experienced technician will be your first point of contact in a crisis, and your IT support company should be available on call during working hours, from Monday to Friday. 

Can we only call when we have a problem?

Any additional assistance your IT support can offer is worth knowing about. It’s also important both you and your IT service provider come to an understanding about the level of service they will provide to you and your business. For example, will you be able to call when you’re not in a crisis? Who can you contact if your staff need assistance with the cloud? Ensuring your staff are fully trained and know their way around your digital network can be a huge help in easing stress and increasing productivity.

Do you provide remote management and monitoring?

Your IT service should be able to provide you with both onsite and remote support – some even offer 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. Remote management also reduces travel costs and can transform time-consuming issues into a series of quick, easily managed tasks.

Employing a service that actively cares for your network and digital infrastructure 24 hours a day 7 days a week is necessary to ensure business continuity. 

Do you supply the hardware as well as support?

When it comes to replacing your digital infrastructure, you may feel more comfortable knowing the team who recommended, supplied and installed the hardware are also supporting it. Your support company will also be able to find any replacement parts for your hardware if needed.

Do you have testimonials and case studies I can read?

A quick search on the internet will bring up plenty of reviews you can scroll through, but don’t forget online testimonials can be easily manipulated. It’s important you do your due diligence and ask your IT support company directly for case studies and testimonials from happy customers. From there you could even get in contact with their previous customers. Phoning other businesses and/or organizations directly will ensure you can hear the review straight from the horse’s mouth.

How do I find the best IT support company?

Start by having a quick look on your favorite search engine. To narrow it down you might like to search for a service in your local area such as ‘IT support London’, ‘IT support Plymouth’, or ‘IT support Manchester’.

Make sure your chosen provider offers the best possible solutions and services for the needs of you and your business. Your service package should be tailored to you – watch out for companies overselling services your business does not require. You should opt for a provider who offers proactive management rather than a service that will just fix breakages and issues. Clear response times should also be clearly stated right from the get-go, and don’t be too quick to jump into long-term contracts. 

Safeguard your tech

Finding the right IT service provider for the needs of you and your business may seem foreboding, but the benefits far outweigh the hassle. After all, how could you invest in the latest tech and then not employ an experienced digital caretaker to manage it all?

From disaster recovery plans to cybersecurity, IT service providers can deliver a range of different solutions and services to your business that ensures continuity and growth.

Outsourcing your IT management allows you to focus on growing your business and gives your team access to an entire knowledge base of professional and experienced IT experts and specialists. From increased operational efficiency and happy staff to customer satisfaction and rising profits, you can only stand to gain from outsourcing the management of your digital assets and infrastructure to a professionally managed service.

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