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What Does OFC Mean In Texting?

Of course is an expression you are surely familiar with from everyday, face-to-face communication. However, it is convenient to use this abbreviation online and in-text talk to save time and effort from typing it all out. Being the abbreviated form of the word, OFC denotes that a statement is accurate or that an inferred circumstance will almost certainly occur. The OFC meaning is just a nicer way of saying clearly, and it denotes that a piece of information is simple to comprehend, recognize, or accept. Essentially, gently indicates to the individual with whom you are conversing that something should be easily understood. So here are some lists about what does OFC mean and stand for in texting.

Men and women using mobile

Similar slang word OBV:

The words, of course, are widely used, and you use them daily. However, the slang OFC is used in text-based web chatting, and traditional messaging and people use it solely to save time by avoiding typing out the complete word.

How can OFC be used in texting:

Texting using this abbreviation can be a breeze, and you don't have to be concerned about whether or not you should include this in this sentence. If someone asks if you will be attending a meeting, for example, you can enter OFC instead of responding with a simple yes. This will demonstrate that you are interested in attending the meeting and that you will not miss it so, if you want to tell someone clearly no or obviously not, just type OFC.

Bottom line:

Finally, continue with OFC if you want to be a little more courteous or official with your wording. This could be a viable option to examine. These are the above-explained details about what does OFC mean and stand for in texting.

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