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The Right Way To Buy A Laptop

Buying a laptop is an important decision, since it comes with a fair bit of expense on your part. But, it is also an important decision because that laptop will be an integral part of your life for years to come. If bought well and with the right specifications, then it will make your work easier, make you more productive and also let you enjoy and be entertained. This is the versatility of a good laptop.

Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore their personal requirements and get carried away by ‘techno-talk’ or by attractive advertisements which are intended to sell what the companies want. Let us examine some wrong factors given undue importance while buying a laptop and also show you the right aspects to consider.



Definitely, a processor is an important component of the laptop and pretty much powers its performance. There are several brands in the market; in fact, there are several types by the same manufacturer as well. One needs to wonder, why are so many processor types really needed for a personal computer? The modern laptop has evolved a lot. The choices are mind-boggling.

Leaving the exceptional needs of designers, video content makers, editors and professional gamers aside, most processing requirements by average home and office users are fairly similar. Whether choosing the AMD series or processors from Intel, it will be hard for you to decipher the difference in performance.

Right Way-

Instead, you would be better off understanding your actual requirements and the intensity of your usage. You may end up saving a significant amount by choosing a laptop with the processor you need rather than going for the latest and greatest one available in the market.


Just like the processor, most experts believe that people end up paying for laptops with more RAM than what they actually need. Undoubtedly an 8 GB RAM laptop is going to provide a higher ability for using heavier apps that require more cache for their operations. The assessment one needs to do should be based upon the kinds of tasks you indulge in on your laptop. As with the case of the processor, 4 GB RAM might suffice for most people who use their laptops for regular office work or for normal entertainment purposes.

Right Way-

A large number is not always better. The performance of a laptop is not solely dependent on the RAM. Instead, it is based on a combination of the right overall specifications. The right processor and RAM will allow you to perform all your daily tasks with ease. Moreover, look for laptops that have options of expandable RAM, should the need arise later on.

Screen Size

Many people feel that a laptop with a large screen will provide more viewing pleasure. Let the buyer be aware, a large screen size does not necessarily mean a better display. It just means a larger display.

Right Way-

 Instead of focussing on the size, it is more beneficial to pay attention to the resolution (like Full HD or UHD) and other features like anti-glare and LED backlight. This also helps protect your eyes since a laptop usually stays in close proximity while working on it.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The main input and navigation features of a laptop are often the most ignored. It's possibly due to the fact that they are taken for granted or because they don’t come with attractive titles and configurations.

Right Way-

Ergonomically designed keyboards and touchpads are very important for being more productive. Look for keyboards with proper spacing between the keys and enough area to rest your palms while using them. The touchpad should be responsive and have integrated settings for smooth motion based on your specific way of using it.

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Now that you know the right way to buy a laptop, we will tell you the right place to buy a laptop from. The answer is simple -- the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. It is home to a wide variety of amazing laptops available with exciting offers and deals. In fact, you should check out the best offers on laptops to get the best bang for your buck.

Whether you are looking for a HP i7 or Dell laptop on EMI, you can simply visit the product page and easily compare the specifications to fit your unique requirements. You are also bound to get the best deals and discounts in the process, making for a truly rewarding shopping experience. If you have any confusion, then please write for us technology here.


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