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Twitch Marketing - 10 Tips on How Brands Use It For Promotion

Your time is valuable. And in this day and age, you’d want to hit as many birds as you can with one stone. The greater your digital marketing goals, the demand to utilize tools to make the workflow more efficient becomes a growing necessity.

According to relevant data, automating your digital marketing can drive you a 14.5% sales productivity increase. Not only that, using marketing automation tools and software increases leads and conversions to 77%. Given also the time and money you can save, the dynamics of automating some of your tedious processes can boost your productivity and allow you to tailor-fit your marketing strategies to cater to the needs of your target market.

Twitch - What is it?

Let’s get into it then, what is Twitch? You’ve heard it probably from your gamer friends as it is the most common go-to platform for game livestreaming. But at best, it is a livestreaming platform that can cater huge content—from gaming to music, sports and more of audience-engaging content.

You can access Twitch by downloading the application, accessing it through your browser or other platforms. Users and streamers get to broadcast and stream for free and interact with their audience via live chat. You can merely become a follower or get into it more by being a subscriber of a certain account.

Twitch Marketing

When the streamer or content creator earns more subscribers, then they can integrate ads to their channel and boost marketing campaigns at will. So, in terms of social media marketing, Twitch has elevated the game by redefining audience engagement. Also, you can use graphic design tools for Twitch Marketing.

What The Statistics Say

Based on statistics, at least 7 million users went on livestream monthly in the last year. Demographics-wise, 73% of those that use the platform are 34 years of age and under.

There was even a double on the rate of monthly streamers last year, from 3.6 million to 6.9 million.

On top of that, there was an average of 64.4% attributed to mentioning Twitch done by users via their social media personal accounts—more than they mentioned brands. That’s a huge deal right there.

With Twitch coming around and your success is based on your number of viewers, you know you just have to maximize this platform entirely. Relevant content with the right message on a dynamic platform is key.

It’s high time we get to know more of how you can utilize this platform to enhance your business and brand marketing strategies, and get the feel of Twitch marketing.

Here are 10 Tips on How Brands Can Use It For Promotion

Twitch is a diversified and dynamic platform having a huge potential for e-commerce marketing and here are some tips on how you can get your brand on the marketing promotion wave:

1. Choose Content that Connects

Twitch marketing is different from your regular social media marketing.

As we already know, Twitch has elevated audience engagement in a whole new way. So you get immediate feedback and response to your content because you’re livestreaming. What do we mean then by content that connects, because technically you’re already connecting since you get to interact in real-time? Well, not necessarily.

There is a need to study your target audience and know what they’re onto, then you can align your content with that while staying faithful to your brand.

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Users are on Twitch to get their interests hyped, to get themselves informed, entertained and somehow rewarded all at the same time. You’re there to meet them halfway with solutions and a human level of connection.

2. Collaborate with Influencers and Top Streamers

Instead of posters, marketing campaign images, or vlogs, Influencers on Twitch go livestream. It gives them the ability to connect with their audience in real-time and respond to their comments immediately as they see fit.

Taking note and following influencers that are gaining ground in Twitch can be an advantage to you. Even with not over 500 followers, these influencers already have an audience and with that, a web of communities have already started to brew.

When these influencers go livestream, the number of views start to show, and how they manage their livestream gives you an idea of their charisma and reach in their chosen field.

Collaborating with influencers even before they get to the top can be an option. You just need first to establish a good working partnership with them, creating agreements that are beneficial to both parties. It will also help if, at some point, you allow them to take charge of the marketing campaign concept and support it with all you’ve got. Of course, given that you can already trust each other and ensure success on both your ends.

3. Invest in Sponsorships

If you have already collaborated with influencers, then you’d know how sponsorships can come into play. Of course, there must be a contract and an agreement between you both before you go with your promotions during livestream.

If you’re just starting out, sponsoring a channel or a rising influencer in Twitch can help you gauge if this marketing campaign can benefit you and your brand.

There are so many creative ways in which you can activate these sponsorships. You can allow them the opportunity to unbox a new product that you have and introduce it firsthand to their viewers; shoutouts can also be a way to get the audience engaged while incorporating your brand in. Giveaways are also definite ways to get more leads and more people getting curious about your brand.

We don’t want to call this subtle advertising, because this is how advertising is now in the digital space. And it will keep getting more interactive as developers are finding ways to bridge the gap and going beyond the internet as we know.

4. Start Your Own Channel

You don’t have to collaborate with an influencer if you’re ready to start your channel and have planned out your marketing strategies to get you moving in Twitch.

Starting your brand and establishing it is a long process but definitely, it needs an investment of your time and resources. When you have identified your target audience, it gets easier to create a pathway for your business/brand to get where you want to go.

With your solid branding, you need to be consistent with what you deliver and the outputs you produce in this dynamic platform.

Take note too, that in Twitch you can create your Profile Bio with 300 characters or less. So you must be sure how to nail down the core of your branding and the aim of your business. You can also make a channel trailer that’s about 60 seconds long. This can help prompt viewers to check and get curious about who you are, what you’re about and why you’re on Twitch.

5. Get Those Ads In

Given the time focused on livestreaming, the collaborations you make and the sponsorships you’re willing to invest in—you can get those ads in. Whether it be on your channel or through your collaborations, you can be creative to incorporate your business ads in it.

By advertising, you can gain more leads, pique users’ interest and get them to explore your channel and make their way to your other social media platform accounts. With dynamic visuals, an impactful message and promotions that hit the mark, you can transform leads to conversions.

6. Creative Engaging Activities

Yes, we are dealing with Twitch, and it’s already as engaging as it could be. However, you still need to put in the work. It’s not going to help when you go livestream without an ounce of a plan. You can still go off script but you need to go out there with an outline on hand and structured ideas in mind.

The enthusiasm to market must be matched with planning and getting your marketing goals in place. Your audience is not just there to be entertained—at a certain rate, yes—but Twitch offers more than just entertainment.

Some users are there to get educated and improve the skills they have; some want to get up close and personal with influencers that have motivated and inspired them to pursue a specific passion.

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You can think of dynamic and creative ways to keep activities more engaging and aligned to their different interests while remaining loyal to your brand goals.

You can think of hosting Masterclasses, Online conventions and contests, and many more.

7. Track Your Analytics

Data, data and more data. That’s the reality of the digital world we’re living in. And you can use data as an advantage to your business. You can maximize real-time data and get insights that can help you sharpen your marketing strategies.

Track your analytics, but also take a peek at how your competitors are doing so you can gauge where you’re at and where you need to improve to keep your own pace going. There are various social media monitoring and tracking tools that you can utilize, helping you automate data gathering and analysis.

8. Host Events Consistently

This may take a lot of work, but once you have your strategy in place and have planned this out accordingly, you’ll be able to reap your marketing rewards thereafter. Starting it is one thing, consistently doing it for some time is another story.

When there’s consistency in your output and what you deliver, your audience can see that you’re committed to meeting them where they are and providing something new that can get them onboard again, or supply them with ways to engage and get more interactive with you while gaining so much more than just entertainment.

You could host weekly events, monthly online conventions; quarterly events such as digital art exhibitions, influencers’ gatherings, and the like. It all depends on your goals and the field of interest that your audience most likely flocks to. Get creative and execute. The more experiential the marketing is, the more effective it will be.

9. Take Advantage of the Real-Time Factor

One great thing about Twitch is that this platform gives you the ability to interact in real-time. With livestreaming as its main interactive point, viewing broadcasts and hosting your livestream is possible—and for free. You don’t even have to log in to watch a livestream.

With Twitch, you can also share another channel’s broadcast on your channel. So whether it be you’re collaborating with someone or simply for the sake of interactive information, you can keep your audience engaged and create a meaningful experience for them.

Respond in real-time. Comment in real-time. Appreciate your audience in real-time. Do shoutouts. Do giveaways. Get those promotions in.

Interacting with your viewers and audience in real-time makes this platform special and provides you with open doors to help you make your marketing strategies a reality. Utilizing hashtags and mentioning your brand can increase brand visibility and awareness as well.

10. Keep Your Visuals Dynamic

If you’re in the digital marketing field for a while now, you must understand the weight and the value of graphic design. For your marketing needs and in establishing a steady pace for your business, you need to solidify your branding theme.

Whether it be in your social media platforms or a highly interactive and dynamic platform like Twitch, you need to make your brand stand out. In terms of creating visuals for your channels or incorporating design elements when you go live, you still need to consider your overall brand theme and how you can keep it consistent. If you want to automate some of your workflows, you can get an online graphic design tool that can help you do edit dynamic visuals. Blur image. Resize. Add filters. You can do these things in online photo editors.

There are various avenues within Twitch where you can continue to embody your branding. Keep your visuals dynamic but also, keep things consistent so that your audience can easily remember you and the product you’re carrying.


There’s always something new every day on the internet. Even digital marketing evolves by the minute. Social Media has become more interactive, besting our imagination with new digital experiences.

We can say that Twitch is a great platform for marketers out there because of its potential to drive content on an increased interactive level bringing digital gathering and community to a whole different level.

But then, at the end of the day, we can still consider it as a collaborative tool to match the human mind and creativity. There is still a need to invest time, energy, ideas, resources, and a whole lot of fun to keep the ball rolling.

Some say, market at your own risk. But when you have your marketing strategies in place, a trusted team to work with, and a burning dream to call yourself successful in the digital stream, the risks you take will be worth it. Put those working boots on, and get your creative hands to collaborate, build and deliver content that brings solutions to people and bridges gaps everywhere.

Author’s Bio:

Shelly is a digital marketer specializing in SEO and link-building outreach. She co-founded SaaSLaunchr: SaaS Marketing Agency, a digital marketing service provider offering SaaS SEO, guest posting outreach, and content writing. 

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