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What Does GTS Mean In Texting On Social Media?

    Message communication has become an important medium for friends to interact and share their daily activities. Many users use slang like GTS and others when sending messages, confusing new users who do not understand the meaning. If you are wondering what GTS stands for and what GTS means in texting, here's everything you need to know:

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    What is GTS?

    The most common meaning of GTS is "Go To Sleep." In this context, it is typically used to end a late-night conversation, and it means, "I'm tired; please stop talking right now." However, in professional wrestling, GTS usually refers to the "Go To Sleep" move, which some wrestlers use to "finish off" their opponent. CM Punk popularised the GTS finishing move in WWE.

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    What is the use of GTS in texting?

    Many people who are unfamiliar with text slangs struggle to understand short forms such as GTS. When you do not understand texts like GTS and others, it can be not easy to respond. When they try to Google the meaning of GTS, some of the results indicate "Go To Sleep," which is not usually the meaning used on social media platforms while chatting, as many users use 'Go 2 Sleep' to convey the same. The intended GTS meaning in text is "Good Times". This slang is typically used to end a conversation positively or to express that life is good or that you are having a good time.

    Wrapping it up

    The GTS meaning is most commonly abbreviated as "Go To Sleep" on social media platforms, especially while texting. GTS is not pronounced solely by its letters, and it is typically used to improve writing efficiency rather than speaking efficiency. This is used to end a late-night conversation, and this is a very informal phrase that should never be used in a professional or formal context.

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