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What Does PS Mean On Social Media?

The letter PS stands for postscript. It is derived from the Latin word postscript, which means written after. A postscript is thought added to letters after they have been completed. You often found yourself remembering something you wanted to include just after you would sign off in the days of handwritten and typed letters. A PS came in handy in this situation. It is also frequently utilized to add a smart or humorous postscript for effect. It can be used to emphasize a point or even as a defiant "So there" It is a tool that's still utilized in direct and email marketing. Postscript moved fast from direct mail to email marketing, but it is still common in social media statuses. As a result, it is a great way to boost your social media success.

Social Media Plateforms

The best method of using PS today:

Use PS to add something to a letter that you neglected to include in the main body. This can be in the kind of letters or emails. Directly below your signature line, write the letters PS. Then, write the line or lines of text you want to add directly next to the PS. This adds to the overall impact. After each letter, you can put PS with or without a period. Here are some methods to know.

Emphasize a subject:

A postscript allows you to emphasize a point that has already been made in the letter, and this helps to focus attention where it is most required. This is partly due to the PS’s apparent separation from the rest of the letter, and it serves to visually and thematically emphasize a single topic.

To express a significant sentiment:

It is no wonder that the postscript has a long history with letters because it can express the most profound emotions. A genuine letter is not complete without a heartfelt PS.

Bottom Line:

Finally, the above-explained details help to express an important sentence to delivery professionally and quickly, and it is most commonly used in social media to the best way to succeed.

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