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Why is HR software the most essential investment for any organization?

The workforce is the most crucial asset that every organization irrespective of its size and type needs to manage efficiently to achieve business goals quickly. It is a very challenging task to manage the workforce because they are highly volatile and have different demands and requirements from the other.

The HR software from VIVAHR is a perfect tool to simplify HR operations and optimize processes. The cloud-based HR software will help the HR professionals to unite the entire workforce on a single platform to access and process the data. In this blog, we will study why HR software is the most essential investment for any organization irrespective of its type, size, or Industry.

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Attract the best talent:

Attracting the best talent in the market based on the job description is the core responsibility of the human resource department. It is an intricate, tedious, and time-consuming task to find the right candidate profile for your organization based on the job requirement. The best cloud-based HR software will help you to integrate all your recruiting channels or partners on a single platform. Moreover, this technology will help you to attract the best talent in the global talent pool as per your requirement. Attracting the best talent as per the educational background and professional experience that you require will help you to increase workforce productivity and efficiency.

Simplify recruitment:

Recruitment is an ongoing, long and complex process which the HR professional needs to manage efficiently. It is crucial to select the right candidate that fits the job description and will help to add value to your workforce. The HR software will have a recruitment module that will help to schedule interviews, share feedback, and keep a record of all the recruitment databases. The top HR software solution will help to simplify, automate, and digitize the recruitment services to increase the efficiency of the HR professionals and have a positive candidate experience.

Streamline onboarding:

Onboarding and recruitment are the initial stages when the new hire gets a glimpse of your work processes and creates a perception of your brand. Hence, organizations need to have simplified and quick onboarding to enrich the new hire experience. The top online HR system will have an employee dashboard wherein the new hire can log in and upload all the documents digitally. Moreover, the HR software will have offer letter templates as per the job description which can be customized as per the new hire’s job role and pay scale discussed. This solution will have a dashboard that will give a glimpse of the code of conduct and organizational policies at any time.

Calculate and process accurate payroll:

Payroll and other monetary compensations are the biggest motivators that drive efficiency and productivity out of your workforce. As a reason, it is obligatory by the law that employers need to calculate and process accurate salaries to the employees based on their inputs. The best HR and payroll software will automatically calculate and process the payroll to reduce errors and compliances. Moreover, this solution will help to calculate the benefits, incentives, loans, or advances of the employees to add or deduct them in the payroll.

Track attendance and leaves:

Tracking attendance and leaves is a repetitive and manual responsibility that the HR team has to execute daily to ensure a smooth operation. The best HR software in India will help to track the employee inputs and log in hours daily to mark the attendance. Moreover, this technology will give you an overview of paid and unpaid leaves taken by employees in a month to calculate payroll accordingly. The top HR software will help employees to apply for leaves through this portal and the managers can approve or reject depending on the magnitude of the situation.

Higher employee retention:

Employee retention is one of the most important key performance indicators (KPI) for all HR professionals. Employee retention is a continuous and long-term goal that every organization has to focus on to increase productivity and reduce employee acquisition costs. The HR software will help to gather employee feedback about your organization to make strategic changes to your work process. When you implement what the employees want in the work processes and have effective employee policies your organization will have a higher retention rate.

Track and evaluate the employee performance:

The HR teams have to set KPIs for every job role and track the performance of every employee to understand their progress. The HR software in India will help to track the data, record and evaluate it to analyze employee performance. Tracking and evaluating employee performance in real-time will help you to make strategic changes in the work process to increase the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your business.


The HR software in India is an essential investment for all business owners because it tracks the entire employee lifecycle. If you're looking for an HR solution for your business, Technology Counter will help you to select the right tools based on your needs and budget. 

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