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Find Your Best Customers With a leading Digital Advertising Agency In India

In this rigorously competitive world, companies and organizations are consistently struggling to get the attention of the target audience, despite investing a massive amount of money, effort and time in the marketing campaigns. With a progression in the internet world, marketing techniques are also undergoing pivotal changes.

In 2021, 79% of marketers aim to generate quality leads with online campaigns and advertising. Companies are constantly navigating through different methods to channelize their target audience toward the products or services. Also, the commencement of social media has made people more aware of the products and services they wish to associate with.

The need for businesses going behind social media advertising can be proved from the fact that in Q2 2020, Facebook had 9 million active advertisers. However, if your business has just reached the doors of the internet, it is always recommended to choose a leading digital advertising agency in India that can help you find your best customers.

Digital Advertising

Now, with the demand touching the sky, the supply is increasing to a great extent as well. That is why you can find a humongous range of digital marketing companies functioning toward varying goals and for different markets. Keeping this in mind, finding the one that understands your requirements, has enough experience, and can help you escalate could be a difficult scenario.

Thus, to help you out, after years of tinkering and experimenting to find what actually drives results we bringing Intent Farm – one of the best digital advertising companies in India.

About Intent Farm

Intent Farm is a digital advertising company that has an objective to scale companies on the basis of result-driven and user-centric methods. The company develops customized plans for every client so as to fit the unique expectations, company-specific objectives, audience and the industry.

The team at Intent Farm follows a comprehensive process of understanding the requirements and creating advertising campaign strategies to fill the business funnel with high-quality leads. So far, Intent Farm has served more than 50 eCommerce and service businesses to accelerate their growth.

Some of the principles that they adhere to include:
  • Conducive and open work environment
  • Development of data-driven strategies
  • Encouraging the cohesion of art, technology and maths

Services Offered by Intent Farm

Here is a list of services you can expect from this digital advertising agency:

Google Ads Management

One of the primary services of Intent Farm is Google ads management. We help enhance returns on PPC campaigns while scaling the same across the ad networks of Google. This way, the team helps you find perfect customers who are searching for your products. We have an experienced in-house team that concentrates heavily on search intent and works with an automated dashboard for optimization. Here is how we go for the highest possible results.

Keyword Research

We begin with research keywords to find the relevant phrases and words that can be targeted for your products by keeping the search volume, competition, and bids in mind.

Ad Copy and Testing

The next step is to create a variety of ad copies with a major concentration on the brand’s tone and message. Post that, it is optimized accordingly to get the maximum quality score and conversions.

Bid Testing and Optimization

A holistic approach is used for bid management across varying parameters, such as basic account scale, pre-defined schedules, audiences, demographics, keywords and more.

Analytics and Reporting

There are automated dashboards that will help you visualize the effect and discover new growth opportunities.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

The next service that you can avail of from Intent Farm is Facebook and Instagram ads management. You can scale your brand with their attractive creatives and targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Whether you wish to enhance returns on existing campaigns or increase awareness campaigns across the network, the in-house expert team can help you with utmost concentration on audience targeting. The team helps you plan the entire campaign in the most effective way. Here is how the approach works:

Facebook Advertising Agency

Campaign Strategy

Everything begins with a campaign structure for the top of the funnel as well as remarketing. And then, the strategy covers details of conversion actions and bid strategies.

Creative Design

The in-house team of graphic designing helps create attractive ad creations for the brand. All of this is done by keeping the specifications of the social media platform and your brand personality in mind.

Audience Targeting

If the correct ad is displayed to the target audience, you are bound to acquire the best results. Intent Farm does this by deeply understanding your buyer persona, mapping them to target and segmenting the audience.

Optimization and Reporting

The team evaluated certain metrics based on the campaign type. And then, the ad designs are iterated to eradicate ad fatigue. More so, data is used at the targeting method level to test new strategies and ideas so as to improve the ROI.

Amazon Ads Management

With Amazon ads management, you can grow your brand with the help of tailor-made strategies that boost visibility and sales of products on Amazon. The team focuses on audience targets and comes up with data-driven campaign reporting.

Amazon Advertising

Account and Campaign Structuring

The team implements micro-targeting campaign structures to enhance bidding as well as decisions’ precision to grow the sales and revenue while boosting ACoS.

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Listing Optimization and Content

The experts evaluate the existing listings and create new content to gain high rankings on organic searches. Also, qualitative content is also created to increase the rates of conversions to a great extent.

Automated Reporting and Analytics

The in-house system of automated reporting uses Google Data Studio to get accurate analytics and improve decisions to deliver measurable campaign performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Right from organic traffic through SEO to analytics and reporting, everything can be taken care of by the experienced team. They also look into keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content planning, and technical SEO to generate desirable results. The entire process of SEO is composed of:


Content Planning

The first step is, to begin with, keyword research and competitor benchmarking. And then, the content is planned to increase topical authority across topics relevant to your brand and industry.

On-Page and Technical SEO

A thorough and comprehensive on-page, as well as technical SEO audit, is executed for every page on your website to find potential growth opportunities and fix issues.

Off-Page SEO

An all-inclusive approach is used to build the authority of the website through guest posting, basic links, outreach-based link building and more.

Analytics and Reporting

The primary aim of analytics and reporting is to find new opportunities and understand how the result is achieved to increase the amount of time and effort invested accordingly.

Industries Served by Intent Farm

Since its establishment, Intent Farm has managed to serve more than 50+ brands from varying industries. Some of the common domains and industries served by this company include:
  • E-commerce
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Manufacturing & Logistics

Case Study: New Silver Jewellery Brand

To evaluate the success of any brand and to figure out whether it will be worth it or not, you must look into the case studies. Out of many, here is a case study of a new silver jewellery brand that Intent Farm worked on.

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About the Brand

The new silver jewellery brand is an eCommerce company that offers luxurious, handcrafted silver jewellery. The website is launched via Shopify. Also, the desire of the brand was to establish an online presence and generate revenue.

The Mandate

The goal was to begin generating revenue while positioning it on the internet so that the target audience can easily discover them.

What was done?

To achieve the goal, Intent Farm began with social media advertising. Here is how it went:

The client launched its brand a few years back when the trend of silver jewellery was picking up. Thus, one of the major issues was to position the brand in such a way that the target audience chose them rather than going with the competition. Therefore, Intent Farm used real pictures with luxury influencers to establish the brand well and highlight the products.

The primary objective was to reach as many people as possible and convert them. Multiple audiences were tested to scale campaigns. And then, Intent Farm moved toward dynamic advertising and remarketing funnels.

Generated Results

Here are the results that Intent Farm managed to generate for the jewellery brand:
  • 2.49 x overall RAOS in 3 months
  • 40% lesser acquisition cost
  • 25% increase in search visibility

Wrapping Up

When it comes to marketing your products or services well or promoting the brand on the internet, you must make sure that you are backed by nothing but the best of teams to acquire desirable results. And, with the experience and knowledge that Intent Farm possesses, you can easily find the best and convert more. So, dive deeper into their pros and features to go with this digital advertising agency in India. If you have any suggestions, you can write for us.

Author Bio - 

Samiksha Jain is an innovative and enthusiastic content specialist at Intent Farm. She is a poet, storyteller and a great scriptwriter. She loves writing stories and creating something that allows people to go on a journey of the mind. Along with this, she is Digital marketing savvy and works with her clients to create strategies. You will always find her doing multitasking on her desk.

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