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How Small Businesses Can Make Their Own Memes For Marketing Purposes

A viral meme is a phenomenon that happens when an image, video, or piece of text goes ‘viral’ on social media. A meme has become so widely used today to describe any trending content online. This may be for fun or even for professional purposes. The definition of Memes is constantly changing but generally, they are just humor pictures that are shared with friends on the internet by email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. They can either be funny quotes, jokes, expressions, or just images used out of context.

There are numerous examples of memes being designed to advertise something, whether it is a new movie trailer or a popular product being launched in the market. Viral memes have become mainstream marketing strategies for businesses that want to increase awareness about their products.

Many companies are using Memes as tools for viral marketing, like the recent puppy monkey baby trend which was introduced by the Mountain Dew adverts. The campaign encouraged user-generated content and featured a bizarre hybrid animal of a puppy, monkey, and baby (a video is shown below). This trend got people talking which created a buzz that reached millions on social media platforms.

Marketing Tips

Animated memes can be particularly engaging because they grab the audience’s attention with emotionally captivating images or videos. People are more likely to share something if it makes them laugh out loud or evokes an emotional response. Businesses have found themselves using animated memes not only as part of their marketing strategies but also to engage with customers on social media. A good example of this is the Dollar Shave Club, which has an account on Instagram with over 1 million followers.

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A company can create its own meme for marketing purposes by teaming up with the right agency or designer. An agency can help in creating a meme that suits your target audience and brand identity while designers are usually involved in digital marketing campaigns where memes need to be created quickly or made ‘user generated’. Another option would be to create your own animated GIF using photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. This will enable you to get creative with your design but don't forget it needs to look professional enough for other people to share it. Companies can use memes as part of their strategy if they want to create a positive brand image by being ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’ their customers.

Why are memes so popular online?

Memes have become widely used in today's society because they are constantly being shared on social media platforms. People are constantly uploading new memes daily which makes it so widespread amongst the audience. People are attracted to viral content especially if it contains humor because everyone loves an entertaining source of information to brighten up their day.

People want entertainment. Memes perfectly sum up that need for people who don't necessarily have the time or desire to go out searching for it elsewhere, whether at home or on smartphones when they're traveling. The same applies to company’s especially smaller businesses that may not have the budget to advertise their products with traditional methods like TV or radio advertisements.

Memes are easy to understand and access, all you need is internet access. It has become so popular because it can be used in any environment at any time. People may not have the time to read lengthy content but memes allow them to experience entertainment in a convenient manner without having to invest much energy in doing so.

Popular trends online often coincide with real-life events which explain why they're making headlines. A great example of this would be ‘Ebola’ featuring in various comic strips across the internet during that period. For marketing purposes, brands can also use viral memes when launching new products into the market, especially if they want to create awareness or a campaign that everyone will remember.

There are so many memes being created every day that it's difficult to keep up with the trends. People just cannot resist sharing these items online because they're entertaining, controversial, or relatable. Even celebrities have been known to jump on the bandwagon and create their own viral content (just look at Kanye West). Memes from Meme Scout can be used in marketing campaigns when trying to grab potential customers’ attention which is why more companies are beginning to use them in their social media strategy.

Another great thing about lifestyle/internet memes is that they're fairly simple yet effective for getting your message across without boring viewers. It becomes increasingly hard for businesses to get their product out there with billions of business advertisements flooding people’s lives each day. Online memes are one way businesses stand out from the crowd.

Memes are so popular online because they can be used in multiple ways whether it’s for marketing or entertainment purposes. They allow companies to get creative with their social media strategy while being able to reach an audience without spending too much money on traditional methods of advertisement. Memes may seem to have no real purpose but there is a huge opportunity there for brands that want to use them effectively in their marketing strategies.

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