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Smart Square Mercy - Everything You Need to Know About Mercy Smart Square

    Are you running the healthcare industry? Are you looking for a way to save your time and energy? If yes, then seek help from the latest technology specially made for the benefit of the healthcare industry. The traditional methods are not enough to match the requirements of the current world with a high population. If you are running a hospital, you will see several patients per day, and the work process for each patient is more to do. In such cases, traditional manual maintenance is not enough, and there is an alternative technology for that. In this post, you will see smart square mercy.

    Smart Square Mercy

    What is smart square mercy?

    Mercy Healthcare is a famous healthcare company, and they created an excellent online portal for the benefit of patients and nurses, other staff in hospitals and clinics, etc. That online portal is said to be smart square mercy, and this software helps manage the schedules of the employee's and patients' profiles. This software is a scheduling tool and a customized and automated calendar in the healthcare industry. Majorly it prevents the mismatch of shifts among the staff and doctors etc.

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    How does smart square mercy work?

    Accessibility is very simple in this software, where even staff can check the patient's information. You can see your customized dashboard after login into your smart square mercy account. When you enter into your dashboard in your account, you are allowed to manage the schedule set, and by using the features, you can easily add or remove clients in your hospital for scheduling the emergency staff.

    What are the features of smart square mercy?

    Mobile accessibility:

    The primary feature of smart square mercy for which the entire healthcare industry is thanked is Mobile accessibility for this software. Generally, the software performs well only on PC or laptops, and only some software is supported on mobile phones. This smart square mercy allows the nurses and other staff to check their shifts and schedule from their mobile itself.


    You can trust the smart square mercy software to save the important health details of the patients and shift and schedule details of the hospital staff members. Because it has a high-level security feature users and third parties cannot access the software without your permission and even the IP address of the software was hidden. For the safety of patients and staff, the details in this software were kept confidential.

    What are the benefits of smart square mercy?

    Obtain patient's information:

    Maintaining the patient's health information becomes difficult if there is no smart square mercy software. The nurses and other staff will easily obtain the patient's current status and previous records of a particular patient through this software, even from their mobile. Assigning tasks to the staff by the superior will finish quickly by analyzing the patient's data in this software. The password is required at the time of access, and there is a guarantee for privacy, and you can edit the notes of the patient's health.

    Make appointments:

    One of the great benefits of smart square mercy obtained by every user is managing the patient's information and making appointments. Fixing the appointment for upcoming cases and sometimes making appointments for emergency cases becomes easy due to this effective software. It will provide a reminder to the person who has an appointment and remind the patient about the appointment and meetings. There will be no chance for a clash of shifts and appointments scheduled in this software.

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    How to login into the Smart Square Mercy platform?

    As mentioned earlier, it is an online portal, and so you have to log in to access the account. You will see how to login into this platform.

    • Open the browser, and visit the official web page of the smart square mercy portal.
    • Enter your username and password for smart square mercy.
    • Finally, click the "Login" button, and you will see your smart square mercy account.

    Bottom line:

    There is too many benefit of the healthcare industry.  Apart from the staff, the patients get more satisfied with this software since they regularly finish their requirements by using it. Thus, the details explained earlier are some of the essential parts of information about smart square mercy and still, there are more existing in this software. Use this software to gain its benefits and features.

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