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How To Find The Right ERP Testing Tool?

ERP is a very costly and time-consuming proposition. However, an alarming fact associated with its implementation is that around 70% of ERP projects fail. The main reason for this is improper test planning and inadequate testing. Without inadequate testing, the risk of implementation failure is always there. Thorough testing helps you to easily find defects – or bugs. However, if performed manually, it can be time-consuming, expensive, often repetitive, and subject to human error. Test automation is a better alternative that enables QA teams to improve software quality while making the most use of limited testing resources. However, the big challenge is finding the right test automation tool. With so many test automation tools available in the market, paid and open source, it is really daunting to find the perfect one. In this article, we’re providing tips on how to find the right-fit test automation tool.

ERP Testing Tool

  • While looking for ERP testing tools, you need to be very clear about what you’re testing. Since ERP is a complex ecosystem of multiple applications, always opt for a test automation tool that supports multiple technologies including web, mobile, APIs, Desktop, Citrix, Mainframes and other legacy applications. You need to introspect on what operating systems, browsers and devices you want to test your applications.
  • Do testers require coding skills to operate testing tool? If you choose test automation tool that requires skilled programmer, then it will lead to budget overruns. To better understand, let’s discuss open-source test automation tool Selenium. It is an obvious choice of QA teams because of its availability as open source and its support for multiple technologies. However, one of its biggest limitations is that you need a skilled programmer who can write stable tests. Days of writing might require hours per test written which can be a huge cost.
  • Always opt for test automation tool that supports reusability. If test cases should be reused and can be maintained easily, it will help in saving lot of time and money. In this era of continuous innovation when ERP vendors are rolling out updates frequently, reusability helps you to significantly bring down on costs.
  • Testing ecosystem consists of newer as well as 3rd party/legacy applications is always challenging. Always opt for test automation tool that integrates with your existing ecosystem. Prefer test automation tool that seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline such as Jenkins or Azure DevOps and can be used with defect-management system like Jira.
  • Select test automation tool that supports advance technology like AI/ ML. The reason for this is that non-ML based testing tools have static test scripts that can lead to test failures or flaky/brittle tests. Furthermore, they cannot offer stable results when applications have dynamic elements.

Most advanced test automation tools like “Opkey” not only support AI/ML but also offer script-less test automation. In fact, these zero-code test automation platforms not only cut down test authoring time but also enable you to test applications across 2000+ OS-Browser combinations, 500+ real-mobile devices and offer seamless integration with test management platforms like JIRA & HP ALM. These tools also come with prebuilt components that can be used to create a baseline. Whenever application updates are rolled out, automatic test generation happens based on change impact analysis to offer broader test coverage.

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Final Words

Since ERP supports the core business processes of your company, it is recommended that you should thoroughly test your ERP instance to avoid business disrupts. The above-suggested tips help you find the most reliable test automation platform that not only supports continuous testing but also helps you to embrace continuous innovation at an accelerated pace.

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