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Livescore Mobi - Live Scores and Latest Sports & Results 2024

    I am pretty sure that if you are a sports fan and always want to be updated, you may have heard about the Live Score Mobi application. It is a very famous site for sports lovers with almost 35 million unique users, and that's not it! They also have a 2 million fan following on Facebook. Nearly 200 countries use Live Score Mobi on their computer laptops and mobile devices.

    What Is Livescore Mobi?

    Live Score Mobile is an application that needs no introduction. Sports fans of the world may not be used to it, but I am pretty sure that they must have heard of the site a lot.

    The application is used for updating scores of famous sports matches. Not only that, but they also have other features like settings, which are very good for regular users.

    Livescore Mobi

    What do they provide for sports lovers?

    As I said above, this application is mainly for sports lovers and those who just want to be updated with sports. Top Live score Mobi provides top sports updates on its application, and some of them are

    • SOCCER
    • EURO
    • HOCKEY
    • TENNIS

    You can also favor your category by using settings. The most prominent features are:

    • Score
    • News
    • Favorite

    Application versions for different devices

    For a speedier and more complete mobile LiveScore experience, it's workable to install LiveScore directly onto your mobile.

    It's official! LiveScore: Live Sports Updates native mobile app is now available to download for iOS devices using the App Store, which includes iPhones and tablets. You can download the LiveScore application via the Play Store for Android mobile users.

    The app includes all the features you'd like from LiveScore on your phone, including live scores for football, tennis, cricket, basketball, as well as hockey.

    => Mobile

    LiveScore Mobile Web Application is an online mini-site designed for mobile phones. It was designed specifically for handheld devices, including Windows 8 mobiles, Blackberry mobiles, and Kindle Tablet computers. Get all the latest scores, results, and statistics directly from your device through LiveScore's dedicated mobile platform at

    => WAP

    For you to connect and our live-time scoring service, on whatever device you use, an iPhone equipped with WAP or another gadget that can support WAP, you need to connect to

    => Settings

    This feature can assist you in using the site more effectively. The setting ensures that the user is comfortable by setting the settings and using the features.

    Here's a picture of the environment that can assist you in understanding.

    => Time Zone

    Choose a timezone from the list or choose the Automatic option to automatically detect the timezone. Automatically detected timezones change the daylight savings time automatically. The timezones you choose manually must be set to the timing of daylight savings manually.

    => Notifier Page

    The Notifier page section can be utilized to notify you of your most-loved games. You can also alter the sound when using your mobile device.

    => Privacy Settings

    We use your information to provide content or ads and evaluate the performance of the content or ads to gather insights about our website. We share your data with partners in accordance with consent and legitimate interests.

    You can exercise your rights to either consent or object to legitimate interests according to a specific reason below or at a partnership level by clicking the link beneath each of the purposes. The choices you make will be communicated to our suppliers who participate in the Transparency and Consent Framework.

    => Cookie policy

    The phrase "cookie" refers to a number and letter file which we save in your browser or the internal hard drive of your computer if you agree to it. Cookies are used to store information that can be transferred to the computer's hard disk on your personal computer. We use these cookies.

    => Essential cookies

    They are the cookies that are essential to the operation of our website. These include, for example, cookies that permit users to gain access to safe sections of the website or to utilize the electronic payment services we offer.

    We don't need users' consent to use these cookies. However, you may be able to disable these cookies yourself using your device or browser. However, blocking cookies may result in our website not working in the way you expect, and some features may be inaccessible.

    => Non-essential cookies

    Analytical/performance cookies. They enable us to recognize and determine the number of users and track how users move around our site while they visit it. This allows us to enhance the way our website functions, for instance, by ensuring that our users can find what they're searching for quickly.

    Cookies are used to collect information about visitors, including how many users have visited our website as well as the way they arrived at our site, and what kind of technology they're using (e.g., Mac or Windows that helps us identify the instances when our website isn't functioning in the way it should be for specific technology) How time they stay on the website, the page they browse, etc. This will help us continuously enhance our site.

    => Privacy Matters

    The privacy implications will differ from one social media site to another and will depend upon the settings for privacy that you have selected on these websites. Refer to the appropriate privacy and cookies policies for more details.

    It is important to note that third parties (including, for instance, advertising networks, gambling operators, and companies that provide external services, such as Web traffic analytics services) might also employ cookies over which we do not have control.

    => You can manage cookies.

    Cookies can be blocked by enabling the settings on your browser, which permits users to reject any or a few cookies. However, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you set those settings on your browser, you will be able to disable all cookies (including important cookies) you might not be able to use the entire or a portion of our website.

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    In particular, the website, like many websites, incorporates functionality offered by third-party providers. One example of this is embedded videos that are powered via YouTube as well as Vimeo. By disabling all cookies, you can't access the features provided by these third-party companies.

    Final: Is Live-Score Mobi Worth it?

    Well, to be honest, it's always dependent on users whether they like it or not. From my perspective, I love this website, and I am also using mobile applications when I am away from my computer. I love sports, and I like to update them—especially Football and cricket, my favorite sports. 

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