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Save From.Net - Video Downloader Online

Varied types of video downloading software platforms are a massive hit among young internet users nowadays. Usually, these video downloaders exude practicality to those who lead an active lifestyle.

Save From Net

With the help of these video downloading platforms, users can easily play streams or download the videos and play them later at their convenience. It is worth noting here that is one of the most widely used YouTube video downloader.

However, the service has been pretty unreliable lately. Moreover, it has been inaccessible to people who are trying to download videos from the US. But as we all know, has some great alternatives. Here is the list of some of these save from net alternatives.

Download YouTube Video

When the context is about the preference of the online users, they typically value ease-of-access and speed. And while downloading the YouTube videos and MP3 songs, you need a software platform that is simple to use and access. Furthermore, it is pretty standard for users to download videos from different video streaming platforms.

In simple words, modern-day users want a video downloader that is versatile and provides access to various platforms. It is worth noting here that the platform allows you to download videos from YouTube along with other streaming platforms. In other words, one of the best alternatives of is

It is a fast and lightweight video downloader app that won’t be heavy on your computer’s operation. One of the key highlights of is that it delivers high definition and high-quality videos. It has extensive support for 4K, 8K, and HD videos.

What’s more, it can also support 60 fps videos for a wide variety of documentaries, TV shows, sports footage, and even gaming videos. Another reason behind the popularity of is that it satiates the requirements of music lovers. supports MP3 downloads and even converts videos to several types of audio formats. comes equipped with intelligent download features which will let the users convert the music files to be compatible with their music players. is really a simple video downloader as you can easily install it on your device. Now you can watch all your favorite videos offline with the help of

Video Grabber

Another great alternative to is the Video Grabber. Quite impressively, you can use Video Grabber to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Moreover, you can download videos from a wide variety of websites with the help of Video Grabber.

You can even rely on Video Grabber to download videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While using Video Grabber, you would find that this software provides you with varied types of resolution formats like MP4, 3GP, etc.

You have to just select the format, and the video will be downloaded based on your preferred selection. You can even increase the resolution of the video with the help of Video Grabber. In other words, Video Grabber is a worthy alternative for


If you want to get the best video downloading experience, opting for YouTube-dl is your best option. One of the key highlights of YouTube-dl is its lightweight nature. What’s more impressive is its open-source nature. In simple words, YouTube-dl is free to use. But you should note one thing while using YouTube-dl.

It is vital for your device to contain a Python interpreter. In case you don’t know, YouTube-dl is a cross-platform video downloader. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD platforms. And if you think that YouTube-dl can only download YouTube videos, you are wrong.

It can support video downloads from a large number of video sharing and streaming platforms. But there are a few downsides of using YouTube-dl for downloading videos. The UI is not updated, and the developers are still working on it to make the UI user-friendly.

Moreover, it has a command-line interface that can confuse new users. If you are not habituated to using such an interface, you can get used to by using it a couple of times. Furthermore, you can access internet resources and guides on the top ways to operate the YouTube-dl. Overall, YouTube-dl comprises a great set of features to help you download videos from a large number of video streaming websites.

Clip Converter

In case you don’t know, the working mechanism of the Clip Converter is pretty similar to Video Grabber. One of the key highlights of Clip Converter is that it supports the download of videos from a large number of video streaming websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

On the other hand, Clip Converter is also a viable option for users who are looking forward to downloading videos from leading social media platforms. You can use Clip Converter on Windows and Mac systems which exude a great practicality. Furthermore, Clip Converter can perform an extensive array of operations other than video downloading.

For instance, with the help of the Clip Converter, you will be able to change the format of a video. On the other hand, downloading 4K videos with Clip Converter are pretty simple and straightforward.

In short, Clip Converter is an excellent alternative to With Clip Converter, you will be able to download a video in various resolution formats like MP4, MP3, 3GP, AVI, etc. You can even use Clip Converter to download files from Sound Cloud.

DoVideo Online Video Downloader

If you are looking for an excellent alternative for, then DoVideo Online Video Downloader is your best option. You can rely on DoVideo Online Video Downloader to download the videos from various types of streaming platforms. From YouTube to Vimeo, you will be able to download videos from a large variety of platforms.

On the other hand, DoVideo Online Video Downloader is your apt choice to download videos from social media platforms. To download the videos, you have to submit the URL of the video. With the help of DoVideo Online Video Downloader, you can now download videos in a wide variety of formats.

Catch Video

If you are looking for the best alternative for, you can always consider Catch Video. One of the key highlights of Catch Video is its multifunctional features. For instance, with Catch Video, you will be able to download videos from a large number of video streaming sites. You can even use Catch Video to download your favorite music tracks from Sound Cloud.

Note that Catch Video supports a wide variety of video formats like MP4, 3GP, etc. You can even download videos in 4K and FHD resolutions. So your search for a great video downloader comes to an end with the Catch Video. Using Catch Video is a straightforward process that exudes practicality.

Save Media

If you are searching for a reliable online tool to download videos, Save Media will be your best option. It is the best alternative for as you can download videos from a large number of video streaming platforms like Dailymotion and Vimeo. To download your favorite videos, you have to put the link on Save Media.

What’s more impressive is the fact that Save Media lets you select varied options to change resolution and the video format. Another critical aspect of Save Media is that it allows you to download a video in your preferred resolution. Moreover, Save Media supports 4K and FHD video resolutions. You can even download your favorite audio tracks straight from Sound Cloud.

Save Media comes equipped with various types of customized features, which makes video downloading intuitive. Moreover, Save Media is an online video converter. So there is no need to download and install this software on your system.

So as you can see, there are various alternatives for You can use the platforms mentioned above to download your favorite videos.

Author Bio:

Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, a renowned golang development company in USA. He has over twelve years of app development expertise, with a particular focus on mobile app development for various platforms, including iOS and Android.

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