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Best Programming Languages For Fintech Apps

Our lives are constantly changing, all thanks to the ever-emerging technology and computer programs. Now you must be wondering how these computer programs are created. Well, it's quite simple, actually, they are created using different programming languages. For those who have no idea what these programming languages are, they are kinds of expressions that assist humans to generate systematic tasks. Of course, today you will find a plethora of options when it comes to programming languages which means it can be overwhelming or daunting to choose the right one. 

Best Programming Languages

However, before you even start looking for reputable fintech software development companies, read the following post that simply focuses on the best programming languages for the finance industry. Without much delay, let's get started!

Introducing the Best programming languages

As mentioned earlier, programming languages for finance or any other industry vertical are mainly designed to communicate with the machine in such a way so that programmers can end up developing intuitive software and systems for their end-users. Some of the best programming languages to consider are C++, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, .Net, PHP, SQL, R, Groovy, Java, and the list goes on. Now you must be wondering why there are so many programming languages? To be precise, digital devices or should I say types of digital devices are many featuring different functionalities and abilities. To solve different purposes, the need for different programming languages arises. Also, not to mention that there are certain programming languages that are easy to use while others aren't. And you know what's the best part here, these programming languages are object-oriented while others are functional programming. Fret not, you can always seek assistance from - finance software development company that doesn't just have the knack of making the most of these programming languages but also ensure high-end financial solutions for their valuable clients.

Programming languages for the fintech industry

Further below I would like to mention some of the best programming languages for fintech. Each one of these is of a kind and offers plenty of advantages. So without further ado, let's just begin!

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Python is one of the most beloved programming languages for fintech development. Being one of the object-oriented programming languages, Python is highly preferable for conducting successful web development. DevOps, Web Servers, computer graphics, game development and desktop development, are certain aspects where Python is being used on a high basis. Now why python, you may ask. Well, it offers a wide range of advantages such as high-end flexibility, scalability, speed and this makes it a sure-shot option for developing math-intensive applications, especially fintech solutions.

So even after being a general-purpose programming language, Python turns out to be an optimal choice for front-end app development. Another interesting aspect about Python is that it reduces the developer's effort. With the programming language, developers no longer are required to focus on all the manual tasks that take a hell of lot of time. All they have to do is reuse the templates and optimize the development process in a go.


Another astounding programming language is java. Now many of you have this misconception that java and javascript are the same. Well, java is a programming language whereas javascript is a framework used for conducting successful web development. Being one of the most-loved programming languages, java offers a wide range of benefits such as:

  • It is easy to use, learn, compile, debug in comparison to other languages
  • This one is also object-oriented, which means more chances of reusable code
  • From the security point of view, Java works wonders
  • Java's memory allocation is absolutely great
  • Java code can run on multiple platforms

Conducting front end app development using java can be cost-effective in the long run.

On and all, java offers a wide range of advantages over any other programming language out there in the market. In fact, platform independence, high security and ease to use and maintenance make it worth considering among the development fraternity.


If you are looking for a time-proven technology then Haskell is the right choice to consider. Featuring garbage collection, native code development, memory safety, lazy evaluation, purity, Haskell makes it to the list of some of the top programming languages to consider if you want to have a cutting edge in the finance industry. Let's delve a bit into the details of one of the most commonly used programming languages:

Memory safety - Well while managing memories manually what happens is it leads to unnecessary buffers and overflows or memory leaks. But with Haskell, that's not the case. With automatic memory management, secure software can be created.

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Native code - If you take a close look at all the programming languages, you will see that python, Java, are kind of lagging behind. Whereas this programming language Haskell is pretty advanced or ahead of time, resulting in a good performance and better data processing.


C++ is pretty much in vogue, especially in the web development realm. And why not since this one is one of the oldest and quite efficient programming languages that is being widely used in the financial services industry. Well, of course, C++ lacks in certain aspects such as it doesn't support the use of pointers or it doesn't offer high-end security, there is an absence of garbage collection, and what not! However, despite these disadvantages do you know why C++ is in high demand?

  • C++ offers platform independence enabling users to run the same program irrespective of the operating systems
  • Again this one is an object-oriented language featuring classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction, etc
  • It promotes the concept of code reusability
  • It is a multi-paradigm programming language
  • Developers get a total control over memory management


Last but certainly not least we have is C#. Another general-purpose programming language is used in high frequency to develop a wide range of web pages. It's an intuitive bunch of features that include imperativeness, functional, object-oriented, high-end versatility, applicable for a wide range of projects including financial services. Some of the popular advantages of C# include:

  • Quick development
  • Immense flexibility and scalability
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Gentle learning curve
  • Huge and active community


So this is it! These are some of the most intimidating programming languages to take into account, especially in the financial industry. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.


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