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4 Situations Where Businesses Must Order New Folded Business Cards

Your business card will determine how you’re perceived by your clients, seniors, and fellow professionals. That’s why all companies should invest in creating high-quality business cards for their employees. A memorable business card will send out the right messages about your brand. It may even encourage target clients to get in touch with your company.

Business Cards

However, many companies (especially small-scale companies) don’t necessarily think they need to use business cards. Should branding materials like customized business cards matter to small businesses? According to several branding experts - the answer is yes. The logic these branding professionals follow is simple –

Does your company’s brand matter to you? Then the branding materials you use also matter, irrespective of the size of your company. Using business cards matters even more in specific situations. Here are four situations where ordering new business cards should be the priority for a company –

Your Company is Rebranding

If your company is rebranding, you can print single or double-sided new business cards with the help of They can print high-quality business cards. Unlike most marketing materials, business cards are low-cost. They help small-scale brands launch their rebranding strategies in an efficient yet cost-effective way. Add new logos, colors, etc., to your new business cards to launch the rebranding process.

The Number of Employees in Your Company is Increasing Every Year

When you’re a small company run by a small team, the frequency of interactions with clients, peers, etc., isn’t high. However, companies with increasing numbers of employees oversee thousands of important business interactions every week. Marking some of these interactions by sharing business cards can be hugely beneficial.

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Plus, companies with large numbers of employees also have various departments and sub-departments. Giving members of each department separate business cards makes management easier. New employees also feel like they’re important members of the company when they receive their own customized business cards.

Your Company is Growth-Oriented

Is your company experiencing rapid growth? If yes, it’s the perfect time to legitimize this growth by investing in premium-quality business cards. Most companies in the “next stage” of success use business cards as branding tools. Top executives at these companies use business cards to network at events and grow their brands further.

Plus, companies with increasing staff members also need to add plenty of new business information to their marketing materials. Ordering a new set of folded business cards that feature your company’s updated address, contact details, etc., makes total sense. An up-to-date business card will represent your brand in the best light possible.

Plus, growth-oriented companies are often invited to tradeshows, company events, etc. These places are ideal for networking. Business cards are by far the best networking tools. Sharing information with fellow professionals at these events becomes so much easier when you use custom-printed business cards.

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Your Company Doesn’t Have an In-House Design Team

If your company doesn’t have a full-time design team, ordering customizable business cards online makes total sense. Simply visit the card seller’s website, use their design tools, or hire a freelance card designer – directly on the website. A professional designer will create your company’s business card design for very low fees.

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