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GenYoutube YouTube Video Downloader - Is GenYoutube safe?

    We all love to watch videos, especially those youtube videos. All those crazy, informative, funny videos just complete our day. We would have seen tons of videos every day and some would have been liked by us, some videos would have been our most watched and some will be sitting in our watch later very comfortably. We would love to have all those funny videos in our phone gallery to share with our friends or update our stories/status with newly released albums. 

    GenYoutube Review

    There are a lot of videos in different genres and they can be used for various purposes. We can use those existing youtube videos for educational purposes, for recreation of new videos, and a lot more. To download those videos many use the most popular youtube video downloader website called Genyoutube. It’s a really good website for downloading youtube videos, but the main question is whether Genyoutube is legit? and whether it is safe for users? All these questions will be answered in this article, read further to know more about Genyoutube. 
    If you want to learn how to download YouTube videos with one click this article is for you.

    How is Genyoutube?

    It is one of the main questions that pop up in everyone’s mind while using Genyoutube. Genyoutube seems to be a safe website because no one has ever complained about any virus sort of things. You might also ask your peers who use Genyoutube as a medium to download youtube videos, hopefully, no one would have encountered an issue with it. But there are people who have complained about other websites which are used for downloading videos. To date, there is no issue with virus attacks while using Genyoutube. So there is nothing to be worried about while using Genyoutube. Most android users are seen using Genyoutube for downloading. This website is here around for 5 years and till now it has been working good. Most of the users of this website is from India. Like GenYoutube, here is one more YouTube video downloader Y2mate, which you can use also to download your favorite YouTube videos.

    Using Genyoutube

    Genyoutube is so easy to use that even a 10-year-old can download videos he/she likes. Just copy the URL of your desired video to convert video to mp3. Not only mp3 but there are different formats such as mp4, m4a, and different audio formats too. is the official website of Genyoutube. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using this website and some of them are listed below,


    • There are various resolution types
    • This website has a certificate from SSL
    • It is easily navigable


    • Sometimes the website slows down while downloading mp3
    • Many popups appear in your window and it seems to be annoying for some
    • The founders of this website are unknown

    Genyoutube Feature

    You can download any type of video from youtube. From millions of videos on youtube, you can download your favorite one. Genyoutube allows users to preview the video by playing it before downloading so that they can be sure of what they are downloading.

    The search area in Genyoutube allows you to paste the URL address of the video or even search with the video’s name. As said earlier you can choose from many resolution types they provide with, approximately there are 55 formats as of now. Downloading is superfast but sometimes in the rarest of cases, it might slow down.

    Appearance of Genyoutube

    Like every website’s homepage, Genyoutube’s homepage also has some features that help users to navigate easily to their field of interest. The homepage of the site consists of the following,

    • Trends
    • Music
    • Categories, basically different genres
    • Search Tags
    • Recent downloads and recent uploads.
    • Search Bar
    • Subscriptions

    How to Download YouTube video from GenYoutube?

    Here are briefly described steps for downloading a video of your desire.

    1. From the video, you want to download, click share and copy the link of that video.
    2. Open Genyoutube and paste the copied link in the search bar and click GO.
    3. Next, you will be shown the preview of the video you are willing to download.
    4. After confirming it, you will be asked to choose a format for the video you want to download.
    5. After choosing the format, you can choose a file name and the quality of the video too.
    6. Then you can find your video sitting on top of your downloads list.

    There is a small trick to download the video you like in an easier manner instead of copying and pasting the link of that video. You can type “gen” before “youtube” in the search bar while you are on the particular video’s page on youtube. Then you will be redirected to that video’s preview in Genyoutube and all you need to do is to select format and quality before starting the download.

    To have Genyoutube handy, you can use its browser extension. Genyoutube has browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and also for Safari.

    Final Notes

    Genyoutube is one of the best websites you can come across for downloading a youtube video in different formats. You’ve got many options while downloading and whatnot? You get to even use extensions in your browser for easy downloading of the videos. If you’ve been looking for a good youtube video downloader online, then Genyoutube is surely one among them. Save from net YouTube video downloader is same as GenYoutube. 

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