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Dumpor - A Instagram Story Viewer, View IG Profiles, Reels, and Stories

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites where people can share their photos, videos and stories with their followers. To use Instagram you need to create an account and log in so that you can follow other people or view content on it. But many users are there who want to see the story and content and remain unidentified. For them, Dumpor is a blessing that helps them use Instagram without having an account.

There are several other services available that lets you use Instagram without creating any account but Dumpor is the most reliable and free website. Just saying doesn’t work, we always need proof. That is why we are here with the Dumpor review which makes it clear to you why Dumpor is the best Instagram Story Viewer.


Dumpor is one of the free websites that allow you to access Instagram posts, profiles, stories and other content anonymously. It is barely safe and keeps you private. Not only view Dumpor but also lets you download Instagram photos, news, videos, and other's posts without having an Instagram account. It is like an Instagram stalker which helps you to keep an eye on the account you want and see their posts, photos, videos, stories, followers, hashtags, etc.

Using Dumpor you get unlimited access to Instagram content even without sharing your location. This is one of the best free Instagram story viewers that offers more privacy to you and also ensures safety. You can watch videos, news, reels and also see comments and likes on the posts. The best thing about Dumpor is that it allows you to see or download other user’s posts without revealing your identity and location.

Now, let’s discuss the features of Dumpor.

Features of Dumpor:

Dumpor is a great application that has several features. Its features will let you know how Dumpor is the best website to choose from. The website works on an algorithm that enables you to explore your as well as other's account.

Also, it offers a ranking feature that suggests you the popular Instagram account.

1. Dumpor Requires Data Connection

Dumpor is a website that needs an internet connection to fetch data online. If you are connected to the internet then you can download or view other users’ posts and profiles. But you can only view the public accounts. Private accounts which do not share their content with others but with only their followers can’t be able to access. So, make sure while browsing any account that it is private or public.

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You can download any labeled photo or post only if they are public.

2. Dumpor offers Free Service

Dumpor is a completely free website that allows you to access all Instagram data without disclosing your individuality. It makes it easier for you to use Instagram without creating an account. It is completely safe as it doesn’t disclose your information as the website doesn’t save any kind of information.

3. Dumpor Interface

Dumpor is very easy to use without any login process. When you enter the website you need to enter the details like username/ hashtag/ location of the account you want to see in the bar. After that hit enter key or clicks on search and all the information and content shared by the user will be displayed on the screen. You also get the feature to download videos and photos from Instagram. It allows you to easily browse photos, followings, tagged articles, reels, etc.

4. Reliable Website

Many other websites allow you to browse Instagram without logging in. But they do not guarantee that your information and data will not be visible. Dumpor is the most trustworthy website that allows you to access, download and review images, reels, IG television, etc. shared publicly.

5. Browsing other user profiles unidentified

The best thing about Dumpor is that you can view any of the user’s accounts and he or she will not know about it. The profile owner never knows that you have visited his/her stories, contents, photos, videos, reels, etc. But the only requirement is that the account must be public as it will not display any content of private accounts except the photos and its information.


In this Dumpor Review, we have tried our best to expose all the best elements related to the website. If you want to use Instagram without revealing your identity and location and search for other users’ profiles, followers, comments, photos, reels, stories, etc. and other Instagram feeds then Dumpor is the best option to choose. It doesn’t impose any restrictions on the period which means you can use it for an unlimited period.

The Dumpor Review will surely help you know its facts and features. It will make clear to you why Dumpor is better than other websites. I hope the article can provide you with a good amount of information related to Dumpor and makes it clear why Dumpor is considered to be the best Instagram story viewer platform.

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