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Hamraaz App - ** Download ** the Latest Version of the Hamraaz App and Login Guide

The well-being of the populace is a priority for the Indian government. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology created the Hamraaz app as one such example for the Indian military. The general public cannot use this app, which is intended for troops. They can use this software to check their wages and other salary-related data on their mobile. To be informed of all developments, soldiers stationed at borders for the protection and Security of the country can utilize this app. In this post, you will look at the essential details of the Hamraaz app:

    What is the Hamraaz app?

    The Army created the Hamraaz app internally, released in August 2017. Knowing specifics regarding their assignments and promotions aids those servicing the Jawans. An Indian soldier can examine and download their Form 16 and monthly pay stubs using the app. It has closed the communication gap between the soldiers. Additionally, it enables quick information sharing between non-commissioned officers and subordinate officers. The Indian Army developers have linked the program's operation after verification of Aadhaar details to keep the data and usage of the Hamraaz app secure.

    Hamraaz App

    Benefits of the Hamraaz app

    Here are the lists of benefits of the Hamraaz app:

    • Hamraaz app allows military members to access government data like pay stubs conveniently. A password is needed to use the service, and it uses a PDF format.
    • One of the major advantages of the Hamraaz app is it is completely free and easy to download.
    • Your paystubs are saved as PDF files on the Hamraaz app. Whether your smartphone has a built-in PDF reader, it can open these files.
    • Your pay stubs can also be password-protected. Additionally, the Hamraaz app aids in the Security of your pay stubs.

    Steps to get the latest version of the Hamraaz Army app

    Under Hamraaz, you can find several versions of the app, such as 3.6, 4.5, 6.52, 7.1, etc. There are some steps to get the latest version, and here are them:

    • Step 1: Visit the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology's official website to download the most recent version of the Hamraaz Army App. To download the Hamraaz Army App, type "Hamraaz" into the search bar.
    • Step 2: Finish the Captcha and click the Download button.
    • Step 3: Click the Download button on the Download Popup that appears in front of you.
    • Step 4: The Hamraaz Army app will start downloading to your phone as soon as you hit download.
    • Step 5: Click Open from there when the download is complete. However, it is downloaded and saved to the SD card in your phone.

    When the notification "Unknown Sources" shows, go to Security in your phone's settings. There, unidentified sources need to be enabled.

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    How to download the payslip in the Hamraaz app?

    If you want to get your payslip, then open the app on your mobile or visit the website and follow the further points:

    • Step 1: Military personnel must register with their name and unique social security number to start.
    • Step 2: You can choose an eight-digit password that starts with the first four letters or numbers of your PAN card number and ends with the final four digits of your enrollment date.
    • Step 3: The military staff is then asked to enter the specific captcha code. And then select the submit option to finish the verification process.
    • Step 4: With only a few clicks, you can download your pay stub using the Hamraaz login. You must enter an employee code there. The only information needed to obtain the payslip is the month and year of birth.
    • Step 5: After that, select the Get Payslip option. On the screen, all relevant information regarding pay stubs is available.
    • Step 6: Afterward, you may download the report in PDF format. This document may be printed if necessary.
    • Step 7: The Indian Army Pay Slip has been requested, and you may expect the file to be ready in 24 hours.

    Bottom line:

    You cannot register if your Aadhaar registered number is not currently in use, misplaced, or not in use at all. You can register a new phone number linked to your Aadhar Card number, so don't worry. When you forget your password, there is a solution for that by following a few steps. Finally, these are the essential details about the Hamraaz app.

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