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e Gram Swaraj 2024 - All Details, Login and Registration Guide

To improve e-governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj launched the eGramSwaraj portal (PRIs). Better transparency in work-based accounting, decentralised planning, and progress reporting are the goals of the eGramSwaraj portal. By strengthening e-governance across all PRIs in India, this platform will signify full digitisation. The panchayats are kept track of, and work records from planning to implementation are provided by the eGramSwaraj portal, which has a single user interface. The Gram Panchayat Development Plan's work reports for each village panchayat are included (GPDP). Anyone can access information on the funding, construction projects, and panchayat operations using this webpage.

    What is eGramSwaraj?

    The e Gram Swaraj site is a web-based platform for keeping track of grammepanchayats' online transactions. It mainly focuses on increasing transparency in decentralised planning, progress reporting, and task-based accounting for panchayat raj institutions. A Panchayati Raj Simplified Work Based Accounting Application is what it is called. The eGramSwaraj portal will act as a centralised location for all panchayats' activities. It includes planning and implementation as part of the Gram Panchayati Development Plan (GPDP). The website was made public as part of the Panchayati Raj Ministry's e-Panchayat Mission Mode Project (MoPR).

    e Gram Swaraj

    Features of eGramaSwaraj Portal

    The eGramSwaraj portal, which can be accessed via its official website and a mobile app, represents the full digitalization of rural areas and villages. It has many features like:

    • Anyone can learn about the construction projects taking place in any panchayat.
    • People can learn about all the projects the Panchayati Raj Ministry is working on.
    • The eGramSwaraj app is a single digital platform that keeps track of all the panchayats in the nation.

    Information is given on the eGramSwaraj Portal

    • You can get all the Panchayat-related information on this portal. To get that, you must first visit the e-Gram Swaraj Portal.
    • You may find information about the panchayat's activities, the scheme's name, planning for the panchayat, the panchayat's profile, progress reporting, etc.
    • You can sign in to this gateway as well. You must first visit the official webpage for this. Then home page will appear.
    • The login option can be found on the home page, and you must select it. The login page will appear after you click the option.
    • You must first enter your username then password, and correct captcha code in this form.

    Benefits of the eGramSwaraj App

    The eGramaSwaraj portal provides various benefits, as mentioned below:

    • The eGramaSwaraj portal provides regular updates and facilitates decentralized planning of development projects and efficiency.
    • Information that is pertaining to ongoing developments by gram panchayats, including the details about the allocation of funds for projects. It can be about the status of work, or any other project details can be checked on the eGramSwaraj portal or mobile app.
    • Users or beneficiaries can view all the details related to the panchayat activities, panchayat development plan and all information related to the panchayat. It includes every work undertaken by the ministry of panchayat raj through this eGramSwaraj digital platform.
    • Details about the panchayat president and sachiv can also be accessed in the eGramSwaraj portal.
    • The eGramSwaraj portal will, more importantly, simplify the task of maintaining the records. The recording and monitoring of all the works through the portal will help in the speedy implementation of projects in villages.

    eGramaSwaraj Portal Registration Process

    Without entering into the platform, a person can read the financial progress reports and authorisedpanchayat plans. To access the data, you have to log into the platform. The request for a login ID from Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI) will either be approved or rejected by the state agency. The following is the registration procedure for PRIs:

    The state agency will open the onboard panchayat for the online scheme module after logging into the eGramSwaraj site.

    • Choose the appropriate PRI for onboarding and press the "Save" button.
    • The User ID and also the password to access the portal will be provided by the state agency.
    • The PRI has the ability to provide its DSC (for maker or checker) and start transactions on the portal.

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) for each PRI's maker and checker must be registered on the eGramSwaraj site. The state, district, block agency, or an immediate higher authority, should approve the DSCs.

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    eGramSwaraj Login Process

    • Go to the eGramSwaraj website.
    • On the homepage's right-hand navigation bar, select the "Login" option.
    • Enter the captcha code, username, and password.
    • Click the Login button to login.

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    How to Access the Beneficiary Report?

    • On the portal's home page, click "beneficiary report" to access the beneficiary report for various programmes.
    • Choose the appropriate choice from Panchayat and Land-wise.
    • Choose the district panchayat and equivalent, block panchayat and equivalent, and grammepanchayat and equivalent from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter the captcha code, then select "Get Report." The pertinent information will be shown on the e Gram Swaraj portal's following page.

    How to View Local Government Profiles?

    • Visit the Panchayat Profile link on the e-gram portal.
    • Users can access the necessary information by clicking on the link labelled "Committee & Committee Member Details."
    • Click on "Local Government Profile" to view the profile of the local government.

    How to Download the e-Gram Swaraj App?

    If you are interested in downloading the e-Gram Swaraj Portal app, then follow the instructions given below:

    • Go to the respected app store on your smartphone.
    • After opening its search for the eGramSwaraj app in the search bar.
    • Now you have to download the eGramSwaraj app.
    • After you download the process, you have to open it.
    • After opening the app, you will see the homepage option in front of you.
    • On this home page, now you have to log in by entering the username and password.
    • Now, you can use this app after completing the login process.

    Final Thoughts

    Through this article, you will get to know about the various aspects of the eGramSwaraj portal. Anyone can access the portal with a simple login process and make use of it.

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