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E Praghna Student Login Guide 2024 - Sri Chaitanya Online Exams, Classes and Login Details

Sri Chaitanya is a well-known coaching industry name and helps students prepare for some of the nation's toughest entrance exams. All of Sri Chaitanya's students enrolled in junior and senior colleges and long-term students across all streams are subject to online exams of various kinds, such as part tests and unit tests, and practice tests, grand tests, etc. Sri Chaitanya has created an in-house, cutting-edge online examination platform called E-Praghna. It is hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure to enable it to operate at its peak performance every day and every time. Let's discuss the E Praghna student login guide:

    What is E Praghna?

    Sri Chaitanya introduced the E-Praghna online learning curriculum. After registering for an account on the portal, E-Praghna offers students a platform to take classes online. Students must use their registration information, such as their admission number, user ID, or mobile number. By using that, students can register on E-Praghna and then log in to the portal. To encourage e-learning and prevent gaps in a child's education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Chaitanya Group launched the E Praghna login page.

    E Praghna

    E-Praghna Portal features

    This portal is helping students in various ways, and here are the lists of its features:

    • The portal includes a practice test that is entirely online.
    • The platform offers classes for various admission exams, including NEET, JEE, and others.
    • The site contains the complete course timetable.
    • There is a function where students can check everything to assess their performance.
    • For students to practice there are numerous questions available.
    • Each student will receive performance-related feedback.

    Who can access and use the portal?

    Many people have doubts that they can access and use the portal. General people do not have the right to access the E Praghna portal. For the most part, Sri Chaitanya online classrooms provide login services to its direct and indirect stakeholders, which may include:

    • Students
    • Parents of the students
    • Faculty members and other staff personnel

    Steps for E Praghna student registration process

    • Step 2: You must now select the "Register for Free" button.
    • Step 3: The Signup Form must then be opened from there.
    • Step 4: Your mobile number must then be entered.
    • Step 5: From menu, choose "GET OTP".
    • Step 6: An OTP will now be sent to your mobile number. And the OTP must be entered where requested.
    • Step 7: Complete the online registration form for students
    • Step 8: Enter the User ID and password and log in.

    How to log in?

    Once you have registered it successfully, now you have to follow the steps given below to login into the portal:

    • Step 1: Navigate to the official website
    • Step2: Visit the student login page.
    • Step 3: Type your Sri Chaitanya Admission Number in the box. Or, type your registered mobile number.
    • Step 4: Type your 'USER ID'
    • Step 5: Enter the password
    • Step 6: On the red 'Sign In' button, click.

    The E Praghna online learning portal will have you signed in.

    How to reset a password in E Praghna Portal?

    It is hard to remember the password at all times, and sometimes, the users may forget their password. You can quickly retrieve your forgotten password by clicking the link on the login page.

    • Visit the official website for the portal.
    • As shown in the illustration below, select the Reset / Forgot Password? Option located at the base of the login box.
    • After entering your Login id, click submit.
    • Verify your phone number, and an OTP should have been delivered there.
    • Type your OTP to verify your identity.
    • Make a brand-new password.
    • Once you are done, head back to the login page and create an account to access the study materials.

    Winding it up:

    Web and App Login Instructions for Online Tests by E Praghna For the most important admission exams in the nation, Sri Chaitanya is a well-known name in the coaching sector. To take the online tests offered by Sri Chaitanya, sign in to E Visit the website link and app for the E-Praghna online exam to take a test.

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