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How Your Website Can Benefit From Customer Reviews

Reviews are opinions, emotions of individual customers expressed in relation to a particular product or service. They form the expectations of the target audience, influence the buying decision and provide a lot of important information to the business owner.

This information is worth its weight in gold. It makes it possible to assess the demand for the product, identify gaps in the company's work from the point of view of the buyer and eliminate shortcomings in a timely manner. It’s also a free, objective audit of an online store.

Knowing all this, let's break down why you should definitely embed reviews from Google and other services on your site.

    Customer Reviews

    Mechanism of influence of reviews in e-commerce:

    • Facilitate buying. Before deciding to place an order, 2 out of 3 potential buyers study reviews about the store and about the product itself. Positive feedback and ratings finally convince up to 91% of consumers of the expediency of buying. For 76%, online reviews are just as persuasive as recommendations from friends.
    • Increase the level of trust in the company. 83% of shoppers trust online stores with reviews more than without them.
    • Increase turnover. If there are a lot of negative opinions about the company on the web, this can reduce up to 70% of sales. Buyers spend 31% more money on brands with great reviews. Positive ratings can increase website conversion by at least 25%.

    The conclusion is obvious: the more positive opinions buyers leave, the higher the conversion and tangible profit.

    The following tips are proven ways to get consumer feedback. An important point: these methods are easy to implement, which makes them ideal for the a small business owner.

    Choose the right time

    The timing may not be the most important aspect of the strategy, but definitely among those!

    When you're asking someone to take the time to review your product or service, it's important to ask at the right moment. This means that you need to make a request at a time when a potential reviewer is most likely to say yes.

    Of course, this may differ from person to person, but there are some proven points that can lead to success.

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    If you're tracking social media mentions of your brand, you should reach out to users who post about their experience with your offering. Since they are already talking about their experiences, a review would be a natural next step. If you ask, they will probably do.

    Another good time to ask for a review is if a client tells a friend about your business. As this client is already acquainted with your business, all you have to do is ask them to write it!

    Influence reality, not perception

    It is necessary to make sure that the expectations of potential buyers coincide with reality.

    For example, you’ve already found your target audience, segmented it, chose platforms you’re working with, and paid for its high-quality customization, the reality may differ a lot.

    There might be problems with logistics, the goods are not delivered on time, the order form is not so easy to fill out, the manager does not respond on time, prices are higher than those of competitors. All this makes the client disappointed, as the advertisement promised smth opposite.

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    Therefore, the first thing here is to develop a really profitable offer and improve the service, and only after everything’s done, you can make promises and keep them of course. As a result, the likelihood that the client will be satisfied and write a positive review will increase significantly.

    Make the process of writing a review as easy as possible for the client

    Customers don't have to dodge to write a review about your product. If you are asking them to spend their time, the process you encourage them to do should be as easy as possible.

    For example, if you're sending an email to someone to see if they'll write a VK review, the email should include a link to the exact review form. The client does not need to log into VK, search for your restaurant, determine which of the eight listed “pizzerias” is the correct one, and so on.

    Choose an online review management tool

    For instance, this can be a widget that will collect reviews from multiple sources and then display them on your website.

    Small business owners already work for ten people. They themselves act for marketers, salespeople, programmers - a little bit of everything.

    All of these responsibilities put together make for a busy day at work, and things like reviews can easily be put aside. Luckily, small business owners are also quite cunning. They understand how to work smarter, not harder, which is why many are adopting an online reputation management software tool.

    These tools will help you keep track of various review sites, collect and interpret online reviews, and, most importantly, provide a means to collect new reviews.

    Work with objections

    Don't be afraid of negative reviews. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the company's customer focus, interest in promptly solving the problems faced by the audience.

    Rules for dealing with negativity:

    • be prepared for criticism
    • apologize and ask clarifying questions that will help to understand the situation
    • offer a dissatisfied customer several options for solving the problem
    • do not be rude
    • do not use template answers, adapt to a specific situation

    If the author of an expressive emotional comment doesn’t seem to be looking for a problem solving and escalates negativity no matter what then it’s most likely a fake or a deliberate provocation. Such comments can be deleted.


    No matter how beautiful and well-built your site is, the presence of reviews is one of the main criteria that the buyer is guided by when choosing a product. An experienced user can describe the important advantages and disadvantages of a particular product even better than a professional consultant can. And most importantly, he will do this basing on personal experience, which is very important for a potential buyer who reads this information. That is why customer reviews are an important part of a modern online store and at the same time one of the indicators of the seller's attention to customers.

    Encourage users to share their opinions and experiences on the pages of your site, respond to comments and questions quickly, work with negative feedback, and you will be satisfied with the result both in terms of sales growth and increased customer loyalty.

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