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Alienware Aurora 2019 - A Master All in One Gaming Desktop

    The world of gaming desktops is here. If we talk about high-performance gaming desktops then the name which comes to our mind at the top is Alienware Aurora 2019. It is such a powerful piece that is designed for gaming for the gaming community. We can also give them the name of gaming laptops as gamers are in love with them because of their high performance, amazing graphics, quick speed,  and so on. It is such a stylish, very versatile, and modern gaming desktop, both from the exterior as well as from the inside.

    What is Alienware Aurora 2019?

    Alienware Aurora 2019 is a gaming desktop that is basically designed for gamers with high-performance graphics. It is like inclusion in the Alienware Aurora series by Alienware which is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell and it is founded by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila. By using this desktop you can modify how you work on your desktops by experiencing amazing and stunning visuals and graphics in your own home as it is such a latest innovative piece in the market. 

    Alienware Aurora Desktop

    There is nothing much better than Alienware Aurora is a wonderful machine in the world of gaming desktops for gamers. It boasts 16 GB of RAM, 1TD HDD storage capacity, and around 512 GB of SSD with having amazing graphics, processor, graphics, features, memory, design, operating system, processor speed, etc. and costs you around $1,699.00 and without wasting time we can say it is worth the money. Alienware Aurora 2019 is a new evolution of philosophy and is like a future of gaming.

    Some Mindblowing Features of this Desktop

    This desktop is super good or we can say excellent as it has the power or ability that the gamers are looking for with a liquid cooling system and tool-less components and so on.

    New Upgraded

    This device comes with the new upgraded chassis which helps in maintaining and controlling the temperature of the CPU while performing operations so that it would not heat up or rises its temperature. Now with this, you can increase your gaming time with the use of Alienware Aurora 2019.


    It is an example of a modern gaming system with the latest technology and a high-performance gaming desktop having amazing graphics, quality, processor, and speed.

    Powerful GeForce

    It has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, while playing advanced level games it helps us in improving our overall performance the most. There is no tension of heating the device and now you can have a better experience while playing your favorite games for a longer time.

    Eye Catchy Lighting

    One of the most amazing, cool, and innovative features of the Alienware Aurora 2019 model is it's ringed LED which is very eye-catching and you can see it on the front side of the desktop. This attractive feature of this desktop is gaining the attention of most gamers and users. If you want to change the color of the light then you can easily change it as per your choice and need.

    Having Great Value

    You can customize it according to your needs, this is high performing desktop, it is very long-lasting for gaming purposes, there is no need to worry about space-related issues, and it is budget as well as experience friendly.

    All Specifications of Alienware Aurora 2019

    Following are some of the specializations of the Alienware Aurora 2019:

    1. The memory size of this desktop is 16 GB
    2. Core i7 is the CPU Model
    3. The manufacturer of the CPU Model is Intel
    4. The speed of the CPU is 4.7 GHz
    5. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is the Graphics Coprocessor
    6. 512 GB is the size of the Hard Disk
    7. Operating system of this desktop is Windows 10 Home
    8. Processor count is 8
    9. The design is futuristic or future-oriented
    10. Graphics Description is dedicated
    11. Very Stylish
    12. Workspace Basis of this device is Linux Scattering


    This is a very innovative piece that provides you to work with so many prospective. With the use of this Alienware Aurora 2019, you can change your home into an amazing gaming environment. It is basically designed for gamers so that they can enjoy several games for a longer period of time without the fear of heating as it has a controlling processor for heat and with high performance, excellent humidifier, speed, appealing smart, graphics, Borealis R9, etc. This is like the latest technology device in the gaming market. You can play several highly graphics-intensive games in Alienware Aurora 2019 like Far Cry 5, Hitman 2, GTA, Elder Ring, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc.

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    Advantages of Using Alienware Aurora 2019

    There are several benefits of using Alienware Aurora 2019, some among them are as follows:

    • Designed for gaming
    • High performance
    • Striking design
    • Sleek style
    • Powerful hardware
    • High-end processor
    • No heating problem
    • Good for long term

    Is this Budget-friendly?

    The Alienware Aurora 2019 is widely known for its alluring design and for its amazing high quality of the hardware. They were very focused to design this desktop for gaming purposes with high-end specifications and performance, customizability option is also available. Starting price is $969.99, these desktops are of premium quality, surprisingly the performance is very good and extremely reliable and after using them we would not feel that they are made of cheap material. The cost of this laptop is not so cheap but also not very high, overall they are affordable and budget-friendly.

    Some PROS, CONS, and Reviews of the People

    Alienware Aurora 2019 is such an amazing gaming desktop with incredible gaming performance and so many components and features like a good-looking and premium body, eye-catching LED lightning, heating controlling processor, excellent audio and graphics, battery life is also good, very impressive airflow control, affordable, customization is also available, powerful hardware, unique design and look, ver bold, modern design and so on while the only problem with this desktop is that, for some people, it could be a little bit expensive.

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