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Who is Patriot Gold Group

Patriot Gold Group is a gold and precious metals investment company that specializes in providing a wide array of services and products to investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with gold and other precious metals.

The company was founded in 2008 by Michael Checkan, who serves as its President and CEO. Patriot Gold Group is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Some of the services offered by Patriot Gold Group include gold IRA rollovers, gold and silver purchases, and storage options for physical metals. The company also provides educational resources on its website to help investors learn more about investing in gold and other precious metals.

    The Patriot Gold Group IRA is the perfect way to invest in gold and silver while taking advantage of tax-advantaged account status. This makes it an ideal way to protect your retirement savings from inflation or other economic uncertainties.

    You can choose to invest in a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. All of these metals are recognized by the IRS as acceptable investments for an IRA.

    Patriot Gold Group

    You can also choose to invest in a combination of metals to diversify your portfolio even further. Patriot Gold Group makes it easy to set up and manage your account, so you can focus on achieving your retirement goals.

    The History of Patriot Gold Group

    Patriot Gold Group was founded in 2008 by Michael Checkan, who is also the company's President and CEO.

    Prior to launching Patriot Gold Group, Checkan had over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He began his career as a stockbroker and eventually became a registered investment advisor.

    In 2008, Checkan saw an opportunity to help investors diversify their portfolios with gold and other precious metals. With the launch of Patriot Gold Group, he has helped thousands of investors take advantage of this unique investment opportunity.

    The Mission of Patriot Gold Group

    The mission of Patriot Gold Group is to provide investors with the tools and resources they need to successfully invest in gold and other precious metals.

    The company strives to educate investors on the many benefits of diversifying their portfolios with gold and other precious metals, and provides a wide array of services and products to help them do so.

    Patriot Gold Group requires a $25,000 minimum deposit to open an account. This is one of the highest minimum deposits among similar companies, which may make it difficult for newer investors to get started.

    However, this high deposit requirement may also be seen as a positive, as it shows that Patriot Gold Group is committed to working with serious and experienced investors.

    Customer Service at Patriot Gold Group Is Great

    Another great thing about dealing with a local company is that they usually offer quality customer service.

    This can be really important if you plan on having a long-term relationship with your roofing company. You want to be able to trust them and know that they will be there for you if you ever have any problems.

    Why Invest in Gold?

    Gold has been used as a form of currency and store of value for centuries, and its popularity as an investment asset has only grown in recent years. There are many reasons why investors choose to invest in gold, but some of the most popular reasons include:

    Gold is a hedge against inflation: When the prices of goods and services increase, the purchasing power of paper currencies decreases. This is because paper currencies are not backed by anything of value, so their worth is based solely on faith. Gold, on the other hand, is a tangible asset with real value. As such, it tends to hold its value better than paper currencies in times of inflation.

    Gold is a safe haven asset: Gold is often seen as a safe haven asset, which means that it can provide stability and protection in times of economic or political turmoil. When investors are worried about the stock market or the economy, they often turn to gold as a way to preserve their wealth.

    Gold is scarce: There is a limited amount of gold in the world, which makes it a valuable commodity. As demand for gold increases, so does its price.

    How to Invest in Gold

    There are many ways to invest in gold, and the best method for you will depend on your individual financial goals and needs. Some common methods for investing in gold include:

    Buying physical gold: Physical gold can take the form of coins, bars, or jewelry. It is important to note that physical gold does not earn interest or provide any other type of return, so it should only be bought as a long-term investment.

    Investing in gold mutual funds: A gold mutual fund is a type of investment fund that invests in gold-related assets, such as stocks of companies that mine or deal in gold.

    Investing in exchange-traded funds: An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a type of investment fund that is traded on stock exchanges. Gold ETFs invest in gold-related assets and are a convenient way to invest in gold without having to buy or store physical gold.

    Final Thoughts

    Patriot Gold Group is a leading provider of gold and precious metals investing services. The company has helped thousands of investors take advantage of the many benefits of investing in gold, and offers a wide array of products and services to help them do so. If you're interested in learning more about how you can invest in gold, contact Patriot Gold Group today.

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