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Call Bomber for Unlimited Calls and SMS - Full Details and Steps to Use

    We all love doing pranks on everyone in our day-to-day life as they give us a form of entertainment and joy. This is a world of innovation, technology, and development, and day by day new thing comes into the market for as. Recently there is a new application on the internet whose name is Call Bomber which is widely used by different people for doing prank calls to their friends and knowing ones. This helps us in doing call bombing and SMS bombing to so many persons at the same time without revealing our identity. If you do not know what Call Bomber actually is and what it does then let me tell you about this in deeply.

    What is Call Bomber?

    Call bomber is an online application or we can say that Call Bomber is a tool, by using this amazing tool for pranks, we can do unlimited calls to any number within a few minutes with different numbers and can send so many calls at the same time. All the calls will be un-doubtfully sent to any phone number which is targeted. It is very easy and simple to use and it is such an amazing feature of Call Bomber that it does not reveal or show the identity of the person who is calling or any other personal detail or information about him/her.

    Call Bomber

    The person who is going to receive the call can never guess anything about the caller and will not be able to find any details about the caller. Call Bomber helps in telling the OTP of different apps to the caller just after receiving the calls by the call receiver with different new numbers.

    Some features of Call Bomber

    • By using this powerful application, you can do so many calls or we can say unlimited calls to any phone number at the same time.
    • It provides us the facility of supporting International
    • We can also send uncountable SMS to any of the phone numbers.
    • It does not reveal or show the callers' identity and several other personal details and information.
    • It helps in giving good support to your mobile number from bombing.

    Types of Call Bomber

    If you don’t know how many Call Bombers are there, then let me tell you. There are basically two types of Call Bombers that are available. The first one is Web-based Call Bombers and the second one is App-based Call Bombers. They both work in the same way and their features are also like very similar. We can use any of them for doing unlimited calls and SMS to any number at the same time.

    How we can use Call Bomber?

    Using this website called Call Bomber is not complicated at all. It is a very simple, convenient, and easy-to-use kind of application. What you have to do is, just open this amazing website or app on your mobile phone or on your device, now you have to write the phone number on which you have to do a call and with this, you also have to mention how many calls you want to do on that number. And if you want to send different messages on that number then in a similar way you have to mention the number of messages.

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    Steps for using Call Bomber

    As you know call bombing is very easy, there are only a few steps you have to follow which are given below in sequence:

    • Firstly you have to open the official website or app of Call Bomber on your mobile phone or device.
    • Now just enter the number on which you have to the prank by calling bomb, which could be of your friend or of anyone.
    • Whenever you want to start call bombing just press enter on the bomb option or on the call bombing button.
    • Whenever you want to stop the bombing then you just have to press on the stop call bombing option which is available there.

    Some of the best Call Bomber websites

    There are different best and most amazing Call Bomber websites that are available in the market for free of cost or we can say without any money. Some of them are given below:

    1. Callbombersin: It is one of the best Call Bomber websites which is available in the market for call bombing.

    2. Callbomberz: With the use of this call bombing application you can easily call bombing to any of your friends or relative without any cost.

    3. Smsbomber: As we see SMS in its name, it is more appealing like an SMS bomber but it is true that it is an SMS bomber along with that it is also a Call Bomber.

    4. Call Bomberin: This website is also having all the features with the use of the website.

    Some different alternatives to Call Bomber

    There are different alternatives for call bombers such as:

    • Turbo Bomber
    • SK Tech Bomber
    • Call Blast

    Is it safe to use Call Bomber or not?

    Obviously, with no doubt, we can say yes, that Call Bomber is a very safe and secure application to use on your mobile phone for doing prank call bombing to your friends and other people as so many peoples are afraid and have fear of their privacy-related issues. Let me tell you that this application is very facing for your mobile phones as well as it does not reveals the identity of the caller to the call receiver and does not tell him or she about the caller’s private information.


    Call bomber is an amazing tool or an application that can be used by anyone so easily to make prank calls and SMS to any targeted phone number of their friends and other people at the same time with ease and for doing this they don’t even need money as it is free of cost and provides several features along with that, it is very safe and secure to use. But everything is good until it is not harming others. You should not use this application to harm anyone or to take revenge on someone, this application is for doing pranks and fun only and not for misusing it. We hope you all like this article and after reading this article your all queries are clarified. If you have any confusion regarding this then you can ask as and can give your suggestions and feedback.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is SMS bomber?

    SMS bomber is an application over the internet which can be used by any person to send unlimited messages to any special person whose phone number is targeted. All the messages will automatically send to that number without identifying your identity and other personal information.

    Is it safe to use?

    Yes, this is very safe to use. There is no risk or fear of anything in using this application. You can use this tool without any fear or tension of anything as it is one of the most secure and safest applications.

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