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Prodeg Consulting - Role, Objectives, Alternatives and Know Everything in Details

    In this world where start-ups are growing rapidly and entrepreneurs are generating from different corners of the world as there is curiosity in their brains to start their businesses and we know that most business first starts on a small scale only. Prodeg Consulting Services should be the first name that should come to our mind when taking several business-related advice such as increasing profit, and production and also solving different problems of small as well as middle-scale businesses.

    Introduction to Prodeg Consulting 

    Prodeg Consulting Services are the services provided by the company whose full name is Prodeg Consulting Services Private Limited. This company offers and provides several quality consultancy advice and services to its clients who belongs to different medium and large-scale organizations while doing commerce or services or more. It is a private company or we can say a non-government company and the birth of this company is on the 15th of June in 2007, it is around fifteen years old company and this company is also registered at the office of the Registrar of Companies which is in Delhi. 

    Prodeg Consulting

    These quality services help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organizations by providing strategic advice which results in good operational results. The main aim and target of this company are to increase the productivity and profitability of its customers by offering its consulting advices and services in several fields. Different organizations and companies can hire these consulting services from this company in return for an amount or money or we can say in exchange for fees. These services are very helpful for so many companies to meet their several needs whether they are short-term or long-term. The authorized share capital of this company is around one lakh rupees while the paid-up capital of this company is also around one lakh rupees. It follows several legal accounting, book-keeping, tax, etc. Mr. Rajan Malhotra and Mr. Rajat Malhotra are the directors of this company. The date of the AGM and publishing of its balance sheet is on the 30th and 31st of November and December respectively.

    Objectives of Prodeg Consulting Services

    There are so many objectives of this company for its clients to meet their needs. There are several traditional purposes while on the other hand there are also some additional goals of this company. Some of the objectives among them are as given below:

    • The main objective of this company is to provide several information and services to its clients to increase the production and profitability of the company or an organization.
    • This company helps a lot to their clients and customers in solving any problem which is related to their business in exchange of an amount or we can say in return of fees.
    • Company conducts or makes the diagnosis of the problem with the company of their clients.

    Benefits of Prodeg Consulting Services Company for its Clients

    There are so many benefits of this company for its clients as it helps them a lot in solving different problems of their business while operating. Some of the benefits of this company for its clients are as follows:

    • It helps small and medium businessmen means a lot in improving the effectiveness of their business by consulting advice that is provided by this company.
    • It also benefits the clients a lot by increasing their efficiency after providing consulting services in return for some amount as fees charged.
    • Benefits their clients by providing several kinds of business-related information.
    • Also helps in learning their clients how to solve different problems that may come in the future due to some reasons.

    Different Competitors or Alternatives of Prodeg Consulting Services

    In this competitive world which is full of competition as there is competitiveness among all, there are several other alternatives for this company that are available in the market. Some of those alternatives or competitors are given here:

    1. Brisk Services Limited
    2. Arihant Services Limited
    3. P H Capital Limited
    4. Norstrat Consulting
    5. HCL Technologies Limited
    6. S P Capital Financing LTD
    7. GE Power India Limited
    8. Mitcon Consultancy
    9. Onelife Capital Advisors Limited
    10. CPA Consultancy Services LTD
    11. Zoom Industrial Services LTD
    12. Mastermind Creative Consultancy Limited
    13. S T Services LTD

    What is the Role of Consulting Services?

    Consulting services play a major and important role in improving a company’s performance by giving the advice to solve several problems which come while different operations of the company and also to increase its productivity, profitability, effectiveness, efficiency, and so on. Consulting services help the organization or a business to have good control over different management services and helps them in training on the correct way to achieve desired goals and objectives of their company.

    What do these consultancy services of Prodeg Consulting Services Private Limited do?

    These consulting services help a lot as an advisor for their clients in providing their expertise in a particular field and by taking steps in several new changes. The services of Prodeg Consulting Services help in identifying different problems by teaching and giving training to the employees of their client’s company.

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    How Prodeg Consulting Services Make Money?

    As we know that these services provide us several consulting advice in solving different problems of the business to giving information related to increasing profit, performance, management, business operations, and productivity. In return for these services, they charge an amount from us that is known as a fee. This fee is the income for this company in return for services and that is how it makes money.


    The Prodeg Consulting Services are very helpful for small as well as middle scale businesses for taking several operational and managerial information to increase their production and profit in return for some amount which is given in terms of money. These services are also very helpful in solving different problems of their clients which are related to their business. I hope you all like this article and after reading this article your all doubts are clarified. If you have any confusion or queries regarding this then you can ask and can also give your suggestions.


    What are consulting services?

    Consulting services are those services that are more than just giving advice. These are the strategic advice that is given to the clients for problem-solving and decision-making.

    How many types of consulting are there?

    There are several types of consulting from which five types are main which are operational consulting, consulting in strategy making, consulting in making financial decisions, consulting in human resources, and consulting in information technology.

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