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How to Ensure Customers Find Your Local Business on Google Maps More Often

    According to Google, Google Maps provides local information for more than 80 million places worldwide with more than a billion monthly active users. However, since customers rarely look beyond the first few results of a search query, optimizing your Google Maps listing is vital. Another compelling reason for optimizing your Google maps listing is to ensure your business also appears in the coveted “Local 3-Pack” that can drive a lot of traffic your way. Moreover, when you optimize your listing, it will open up several ways of enhancing customer engagement.

    Local Business on Google Maps

    Obtain a Google Maps listing

    Successful Google Maps marketing is impossible without a Google Maps listing. Search for your business on Google Maps. You should click on the relevant option in the dropdown menu and provide the required details if the listing does not appear. If you find your business already listed, you will need to claim it to be able to control it.

    Obtain your Maps business listing

    To claim your business listing, you should open a free Google My Business account. Then you can follow the prompts to provide more details of your business to assert your listing. The more information your listing has, the better the chances of ranking higher on Google search.

    You must ensure your business name is consistent and across all your online properties to enable Google to trust the information. Be sure to enter a local phone number, including the local area code, to help the business get a better rank and allow users to verify the business location. Keep the details of the business hours updated to prevent users from wasting time and effort only to find your business closed and give you negative reviews. Updating business hours also sends positive signals to Google about your trustworthiness. You must write a crisp and engaging business description incorporating important keywords to help it rank higher. You must choose the primary and additional categories carefully to get better rankings. If you were considering hiring an SEO agency, you can replace an agency with a new geobooster from LBM.

    Add photos of your business and products

    Recognizing people love to see photos more than they like to read, Google also encourages businesses to add photos by awarding higher ranks. It is also beginning to include showing images in local search results. Make it a point to upload interesting and high-quality photos to attract and engage customers.

    Acquire reviews

    With its user-centric focus, Google gives better rankings to businesses that get more positive reviews. You need to keep asking your customers for reviews and respond promptly to criticism and appreciation. Your responses also help to show your business in a positive light.


    Google Maps is a potent marketing tool that can get you better online search visibility, generate more business, and stand out from the competition, and that too at no additional cost. However, you can only get these benefits if your Google listing is highly visible because a mere listing does not mean Google will pick it up for local search ranking because proximity is only one of the ranking considerations.

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