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Paynearby – Make the Banking Easy and Earn More

    In India, digitalization is increasing rapidly in almost every sector and every field. At present, we can have the benefits of most of the services online. We can do various work by just sitting at home, like booking railway tickets, booking flight tickets, paying phone bills and recharges, and multiple transfers and transactions from any city, town, or village at the convenience of our place. For providing these services, there many applications or platforms are available, and by using those services, we can have the benefit of using the features offered by various applications for us. In return, we gain commission from those platforms.

    Today in this article, we will tell you about a platform that can be used by anyone living anywhere and can earn a good amount of money through them. That platform's name is Pay nearby, where you can work as a retailer and make money. In this article, you will get almost every information about Paynearby platform.

    What is Paynearby?

    To make India self-independent, Paynearby platform was started in April 2016, and it is a Certified Fintech Company registered under the startup programs of the Government of India, and its headquarter is in Arena House, Andheri. This startup is certified by the department of industrial policy and promotion. This was started by a team of people who were professionals and experienced in the payment as well as the digital banking industry, and the co-founder of this platform is Yashwant Lodha.


    It is a type of B2B and a B2C model of the company. Paynearby offers services in more than 17000 pin codes in India, like money transfer, savings, insurance, cash deposits, cash withdrawal, travel, access to government, online payment, and many other services. This company is empowering more than 50,00,000 stores in rural and urban areas by using the power and ability of Aadhaar and mobility. They are transferring their nearby stores into Fintech Marts, and within three years, it has achieved so many things like more than 11 % shares in DMT business and more than 33 % market shares in AEPS. It has customers exciting 15 crores and more than 50 lakh registered retailers and is present in almost every state and union territory of India.

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    Services offered by Paynearby

    There is a variety of services offered by Paynearby to its various customers and users, and those services are given below:
    • Cash withdrawing
    • Transfer of money: by using this feature, you can transfer money from one account to another by just using Paynearby, and for using this service, we will get some commission online in the form of cash.
    • SMS payments: It is a new type of technology, and by using this technology, you can put the mobile number of the customer and can send him or her the link to the payment, and by using that link, the fee can be done quickly by using debit or credit card.
    • Recharges in mobiles
    • Various bill payments
    • Bus tickets booking
    • Air tickets booking
    • Railway ticket booking
    • Insurance of two-wheelers
    • Life insurance: By using Paynearby we can also do various insurance of vehicles as well as our life, and in return for this, this platform offers us an amount of commission.
    • Inquiry of Balance
    • Mini statement
    • APIS
    • Dth payment
    • Customer account
    • Fastag services
    • Mini ATM

    Benefits of using Paynearby

    Paynearby is one of the incredible platforms for everyone, like retailers, distributors, and customers. By using this platform, we can have a large number of benefits like we can make easy payments online in a few minutes and can, pay our different bills and can do recharges, etc. some of the benefits of this platform are given below:

    Benefits of Paynearby for Retailers: Any retailer can buy Paynearby id just an excellent and convenient price of rupees 1000 and can offer various services like atm, digital payment, mobile recharge, and ticket booking facility, and many more to its customers.

    Benefits of Paynearby for Distributors: Distributors can have so many benefits by using Paynearby platform; they can do startup of their digital business by just sitting at their homes and don’t need any store or other place for doing business and can earn lots of commission by adding so many retailers to it.

    Benefits of Paynearby for Customers: It allows customers to gain many advantages; they can withdraw money from their bank account just by sitting at their home because by using this platform, they don’t have to go to the bank for this service and can book their tickets, do recharges, pay bills and many more.

    Documents required for registration on Paynearby

    If you want to get yourself registered on Paynearby then you should have the following document required, which are as given below:
    1. Aadharcard
    2. Email ID
    3. Mobile number
    4. Pan card
    5. Address of your shop
    6. Fess required for registration which is 1000 rupees

    How to start a business with Paynearby, and what are the charges required for that?

    Simply anyone can start their business by using Paynearby and selecting products like bill payments, travel, and recharges, free of cost. They can begin their digital and banking business with unique packages which start from just rupees 1000. If you want to increase your earnings, then you may check different packages and their details.

    Monthly Limit of Paynearby Shopping Cart

    On Paynearby platform, the maximum wallet amount balance could be 1 lakh rupees, and the users or customers can do transactions up to 5 lakh of rupees every month, and this limit is 25 lakhs of rupees annually.


    In this article, we have told you everything about Paynearby. It is an excellent platform for retailers, distributors, and customers. It offers them many features and services like facilitating online transactions, online cash withdrawal and online cash deposit, various bill payments and recharges, and many more just by using the internet. I hope all your doubts are clarified after reading this article and that you came to know about everything about Paynearby platform. If you have any doubts, then you may ask us to explain them, and if you like this article, then you may share this with your friends and family so that they can also benefit from this information.

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