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What is Influencer Marketing? All Insights of the Industry

    In recent years, we have been facing a new marketing trend. The influencers brought to our lives by social media platforms are at the centre of this trend. Their every step has the potential to create a social influence. Because they appeal to large or medium-sized audiences and are embraced by them. The most significant impact they have is on the purchasing tendencies of their followers. The bond and trust relationship followers establish with social media influencers significantly impacts the products they buy and the brands they will feel close to. Influencers’ level of influence created influencer marketing in social media marketing. In this article, we will answer the question of what influencer marketing is in detail for you. We will also explore how to implement an influencer marketing plan. Plus, I will introduce you to Instaking, an excellent service that will guide you on your influencer marketing adventure.

    Influencer Marketing

    Instaking connects you with influencers and helps you develop a strategy that best suits your goals. Now let's move on to the article; you will learn much about influencer marketing after reading this article.

    Definition of Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is the marketing of products or increasing brand awareness through influencers who strongly influence their followers. Influencers can exist on different social platforms. For example, Instagram and YouTube are the most common platforms used by influencers, but these platforms can vary. Why should we choose influencer marketing today? Because it is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Imagine what working with influencers who are role models for your target audience and shape their daily lives in many ways can bring to your brand.

    This is a much more efficient marketing strategy than traditional advertising and offers the possibility of gaining a much more loyal customer profile. Of course, with the right plan!

    Building the right strategy is a complicated task. Therefore, you should get help. My favourite service provider for influencer marketing is Instaking.

    How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

    If you have decided that influencer marketing is the right path for your brand, it's time to implement it. There are many parameters for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful. Finding the right influencers, determining which social media channels to use, establishing the proper communication with them, some of whom have become social media stars, producing creative content that does not conflict with the influencers' profiles, and more. From time to time, brands struggle with this whole process themselves. But it is wiser to leave this to the professionals. Let's take a look at the must-haves of an influencer marketing process.

    Rule 1: Work with An Expert to Grow Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

    Realizing your influencer marketing process under the consultancy of a professional team from the very beginning makes your work much more manageable. Today I will tell you about a highly qualified team and what they do. When you see their services, you will see how vital professional support is.

    Instaking is a very claim entire team, especially in Instagram influencer marketing. They first understand your brand's goals and expectations through conversations with you. Then they start building your influencer campaigns in line with your brand's goals. Their specialty is finding influencers that match your brand's values and target customers.

    When it comes to influencer marketing, choosing the right influencer determines your fate. The influencer world may sometimes be a very innocent place. There is no shortage of examples of people who buy fake followers and sit at the table with brands as if they have a wider audience than they do. To avoid working with such examples that will damage your brand's reputation, you will need experts like Instaking, who will work carefully and conduct detailed analyses on potential influencers participating in your campaign.

    Rule 2: Create Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

    Now it's time to build a good strategy. To implement a decent influencer campaign, you need a well-designed system. This strategy is based on the goals you set. You should determine well what your campaign will target. It would be best if you were clear about what your campaign will target. Campaigns could aim to build brand awareness or directly increase sales.

    Whom you address is as important as what you aim for. For this purpose, conducting target market research and identifying your target audience is essential for an effective influencer marketing strategy.

    Rule 3: Determine the Influencers to Work With

    Your goals and the audience you want to reach are now clear. Getting them through influencers is next. The process of finding a suitable influencer for your campaign is challenging. Among many influencers, you need to find the ones that fit your project. In this process, the influencer's harmony with the image reflected by your brand and the goals you set when you set out is essential.

    Remember that you are not looking for the influencer with the most followers; you are looking for the one who is in tune with you. For example, if your brand is more niche and appeals to a smaller audience, choosing an influencer with many followers but not relevant to you will only be a good use of time. Not all campaigns are successful, and the most natural reason for this is that brands turn to influencers that are not suitable for their goals.

    Of course, another critical point is influencer outreach. It often takes work to get them to promote your brand by approaching them with commercial offers. You may need to convince them about your brand. Because influencers become a personal brand, they strive to make deals that will not harm the brand they have created.

    Rule 4: Start Producing Branded Content

    Once you have found influencers who can carry out your campaign, you need to design branded content for them to share. At this point, the content should be creative, but it should also be easy to implement. Content marketing through influencers can give your brand important insights. You can decide on the campaign’s direction in line with the feedback from the target group on these contents and the data you collect.

    If your data shows that the process is running successfully, you can continue according to the planned schedule, or if there are negative results, you may need to take new actions quickly.

    Differences Between Social Media Influencers and Celebrity Influencers

    Influencer marketing is different from the usual marketing technique of celebrity endorsements. The unique dynamic of social media does not necessarily require influencers to be celebrities. Being an influencer is more about having a loyal following. So only some influencers appeal to a large community.

    Types of Influencers

    Not all influencers are celebrities, but they are divided into various types. These categorizations are usually based on the number of followers or the areas in which they produce content.

    By Number of Followers

    According to the number of followers, an influencer can be defined as a mega influencer, macro influencer, micro-influencer, and nano influencer.

    The first is mega influencers. They address millions. In many cases, it is indeed possible to describe them as celebrities. Some television and movie celebrities moved toward these areas after seeing the impact of social channels. They are a great channel to increase brand awareness with their vast followings. But for a small or medium-sized business, it will not be possible to work with them in terms of cost.

    Even if their followers do not reach millions, candidates who push those points with hundreds of thousands of followers are macro influencers. Some TV celebrities have moved to social media but are primarily digital natives. In other words, they have built a significant part of their audience by spending years on social media. Like Megas, they can provide substantial benefits in terms of increased brand awareness.

    They may not stand out for their crazy follower numbers. But they always have a significant sphere of influence because of their interaction with their followers. We're talking about micro-influencers. Although they usually have less than a hundred thousand followers, their communication with their followers is more direct. They, therefore, offer an excellent opportunity to build brand recognition in a specific target group. For small and medium-sized businesses or businesses that appeal to niche audiences, campaigns can be organized that can yield great results.

    Those with ten thousand followers or less are called nano influencers. They are at their peak in terms of interaction with their followers. This is why nano influencers' audiences are highly inclined to follow them for their opinions and impressions of brands.

    By Content Types

    Influencers are classified according to the areas where they produce content and the number of followers. When you create an influencer marketing project with influencers with content similar to your brand, you are likely to get valuable results.

    The most common type of content produced and the most common type of influencer marketing example is the lifestyle blogger style. Their way of life is the subject of their content. They serve as role models for their followers regarding their life routines. The centrality of everyday life to their content provides a broad scope for sponsored content.

    Another vital area is fashion. Working with a fashion influencer is a unique opportunity, especially for businesses active in this area. At the center of their content is to review fashion products and interpret them for their followers. Therefore, it can be much more helpful than other marketing channels for your fashion brand to reach the masses.

    Examples can be extended to gaming, photography, sports, etc. Each offers the opportunity to help you in different areas depending on the purpose of your business. Remember to take advantage of the benefits of influencer marketing!

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