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Keka Login – HR Payroll Software 2024

    Keka is a platform where one can do a single sign-on access without wasting so much time on various media in giving them permissions. The company's employees can quickly log in through this via its web or mobile app with just some clicks.

    Reading this article will be very helpful for you all in giving deep and precise knowledge about this portal, and thus you may continue reading.

    What is Keka?

    Keka is software that is used for helping the activities related to HR in an organization. Vijay Yalamanchili Sashi Pagadala was the founder of this software who founded it six years back then. This software helps business firms or organizations manage their staff profile, process recruitment, track attendance, analyze or measure performance, time and payroll management, and many more. 


    Their official website is This software provides many benefits and features to an organization, like cost-effectiveness, simplified workflows, refined automation, team efficiency, and many others. Keka also comes in an application form for our intelligent mobile phones, which can be installed easily on android as well as apple devices by using their official website and visiting their login page.

    Keka Features

    Keka provides so many features like overall feedback, attendance tracking and management, management of assessment calendar, candidate, compensation, compliance, document, employee, applicant, expense, time, goal setting and attendance tracking, email and customized templates, interview scheduling, job description management, employees self-service, job requisition and posting, mobile app and access, payroll outsourcing, reporting and management, performance management, metrics and appraisal, resume parsing, storage and search, training and task management, alert notifications, customized templates, employees database, and many others.

    The Registration Process for Keka

    To use Keka software in any organization, you have to get yourself registered on it, and for the registration process, you have to follow the above-given steps:

    1. Visit their home page by opening their official website.
    2. You have to scroll down a little bit to reach the bottom, where you will find a button in blue color showing get started on which you have to click.
    3. Now the sign-in page will open where you have to fill in all the details required to complete the form, like your name and many more.
    4. Now after this, another portal will open in front of your eyes, which will ask for your mobile phone number and the email of your company and some other things like your company name and their headcount, which you have to fill in.
    5. Now, after all, this, click on the next button, and you will see your trial is being set up.
    6. The process of registration will be completed within ten minutes. After its completion, you will get a notification or an email on that particular email address you gave them or a message on the specific registered mobile number.
    7. Now you will have login credentials in the form of a notification for logging on to the Keka portal, which you have to save for the future.

    Keka Login process

    Once registered on the Keka portal, you may easily log in to this software smoothly without complications. To log on to this portal, you have to follow the given series of steps:

    • Open their official website and click on the login option presented there.
    • After clicking on the login option, their login page will open, where you have to provide that registered email address.
    • After giving them the email address, they will ask for a password, which you have to provide them with the password used for the registration process on this platform.
    • Now just click on the login button option.
    • You may quickly log in to this software with these easy steps.

    Likes about Keka

    There are various like or benefits of Keka, such as it has a straightforward user interface, jargon-free words, helps in the automation process of the company, it is self-explanatory software, good customer services, employees wellness, transparency in various operations, straightforward to operate, management staff efficiently, easy remote log in and log out, track attendance, and location of the individual, and so many others.

    Dislikes about Keka

    There are some dislikes with this software, such as there may be some language barriers. There will be no telephonic support, and you may find their UI software clumsy and various vacations and leaves very confusing. There should be an option like deleting or modifying your leave applications or requests; without some features like overflow management and file management, you may find fetching reports a little bit complicated.


    In this article, we have provided you with all the details regarding Keka software, and we hope this information will benefit you all in different aspects.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the purpose of using Keka?

    The primary purpose of using this software is to manage and maintain all the activities related to the HR department in an organization, like tracking attendance, analyzing performance, processing recruitment, staff profile management, and many more.

    Is Tracking location also possible with Keka?

    Yes, tracking location with this software is also possible as it has GPS and mobile attendance management, which helps track the employees' location.

    How do you check payslips on Keka?

    To check the payslip on this software, you must download their mobile app, log in after the registration process, and click on me and payslip options. After that, choose the month and click the download option on your mobile phone.

    How to delete an account on Keka?

    Profiles or accounts on this platform can't be deleted, and if you want to remove them from there, you have to exit the employees.

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