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What is Kraket – Everything You Should Know

    Today in this article, we will be discussing an econometrics and operations study association which is in Amsterdam at Vrije university, whose name is Kraket. This platform is handy and benefits the students a lot as with the help of it. They will be able to find a perfect job for them according to their qualifications and skill and in the field in which they have an interest. At the same time, it benefits the organization and the company in hiring talented and skilful interns to work with them, having a common goal. Here in this article, we will cover all the significant details like its introduction, its aim, purpose, its mission of them, the reason for its success, its importance, and it is working, its benefits and various benefits and disadvantages and some more things. We hope that this article will be beneficial and helpful for you all and will provide you most exact and relevant information regarding this association.


    Introduction to Kraket

    Kraket belongs to the media and internet education type industry which is a study association of econometrics and operations, and its headquarter is in boolean, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its official website is, and it generates around $8 million in revenue and has thousands of employees in its company. Kraket stands for kritische actuaries econometrician, and this association was founded in 1972 on the 14th of July. The main of this association is to remove the gap between the business community and its members so that to provide students with a practical application of study while celebrating the annual national econometrists day.

    What is the mission of Kraket?

    The primary mission of Kraket is to bridge the gap between the employees and the students and to connect them with each other so that they will be able to find and do work which is most meaningful. When students are able to communicate with the employees, they will gain so much information and knowledge regarding various jobs. Hence students get most of the benefit from this, and this helps them a lot in finding the best and most suitable job for them and to apply for the same.

    How to Join Kraket?

    Kraket is a platform which operates an online mode that helps the students in connecting with different organizations and companies which are hiring people as interns. In this way, the students can have support and guidance in finding a suitable job for them according to their skills and regarding their careers. After the enrollment process, students will be able to easily track their progress and can also receive feedback from their mentor. It is beneficial for the students to find the best and most meaningful job for them in that field in which they are interested and have skills as well as for the organization or company at the same time as it provides them with very talented people who may work with them in a long way.

    Some highlights of Kraket

    • In the kraket association, an abroad trip is organized every two years. Students travel to various countries, including brazil, Tokyo, new york, hong kong and many more and visit and explore multiple companies and embassies.
    • There are various relaxing activities which are organized there by the board at the end of the year so that they will provide relaxation to their members.
    • There are different events organized by them, like the cocktail workshop, the Sinterklaas alum event on the 25th of December and many more.

    How does Kraket earn money and pay its staff members?

    Kraket earns money by charging amounts on the services provided by them and also by displaying ads on their website and receiving payment from those advertisers in return.

    They pay their volunteers, employees and staff members in the form of salaries and different bonuses. Compensation is paid based on how much time or hours they work on their platform, and if their employees perform very well, then they also provide them various bonuses, which could be weekly. They also receive multiple benefits in the form of healthcare, dental services, vacations and so on. There are several refreshment activities and programs held for their employees so that they will perform best upto their will.

    Advantages of Kraket

    There are several advantages of Kraket, and some among them are as given below:

    • It helps a lot to the students by assisting them in the process of finding the best job for them and to work on their skills and talents.
    • It connects the students with the employees of the organization and guides them a lot.
    • It provides so many bits of advice to the students regarding their careers and provides them with various workshops.
    • It helps both the students and employees in finding a perfect job or works for them and hiring talented people in their organization who may work with them in the long run.

    Disadvantages of kraket

    There are a few of the disadvantages of kraket, which are as given below:

    • The process on this platform may be time-consuming as they have to upload their resumes and some other details with that.
    • Not everyone will find this platform very useful as everyone may be different from each other.


    If you are a student in Amsterdam and want to find a perfect job for you in which you are interested and have learned skills and talent, and according to your qualifications, then Kraket could be a fantastic platform for you all. It helps the students a lot in providing meaningful work and finding the most preferred career opportunity to them according to their preferences. In this article, we have covered all the details regarding this platform, and we hope that it will be very beneficial for you all and this information will help you a lot. After reading this article, all your doubts will be clarified in the most favourable manner.

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